Creaks, Gristles, Cracks and Bangs?!

Hello peeps, just a short question:- I’m getting some awfull feelings/sounds at the base of my skull, it had started with a few gristly feelings when turning my head but lately I’ve been getting loud cracks and awfull pressure, (come to think of it, I got a weird contracting feeling there when I was out walking a while back) it’s getting so that I daren’t move my head much in case it happens, does anyone else get this, is it a symptom of MS or do I just have a wonky neck?!

Hi again Linda, I’m sure, if you ask (other than here) you’ll be told “not MS”, because that’s what I am told, when I complain I creak and click everywhere. However, although MS does not directly damage damage joints or tendons, it does alter gait, posture, and muscle tone, for most people. So I think years of this is probably what causes bits of us to start compaining. I haven’t been able to sleep on my front for years and years, because it hurts to turn my head to the side, and obviously I’d suffocate if I just shoved my face in my pillow. And knees crack, feet crack, shoulders crack. I’ve had complete Rheumatology screening - twice (once as part of MS investigations). Neither time found anything. So I’m firmly of the opinion it’s all linked to the MS, but my neuro is quite dismissive it could be connected at all. Tina x

Well, well, isn’t it all a bit of a puzzlement! Sometimes I think the so called experts aren’t as clued up as maybe they should be. I’d be really interested in how many other forum peeps are experiencing the same kind of symptoms and whether they have had some definitive explanation as to what it is. I wouldn’t have even bothered posting in case it’s just me with a ‘rusty’ neck but these clicks and cracks feel really loud (if that makes any sense) and I’m getting worried. It really sounds as if were all very creaky peeps at the mo’, I wonder if the neurophysiotherapist has any thoughts on the subject. I hadn’t heard of L’hermittes before Polar Bear so I googled it and came across another MS forum site ( explains it, they seem to think that it’s a vitamin b12 deficiency. I think I’ve had something similar (if not actually had it)! I often get a buzzing feeling in my feet and what feels like ‘fizzy blood’?! So, apart from all this buzzing, my creaky neck, the hot flushes and the cat chewing my leg off, everything’s tickety boo! LOL You’ve gotta laugh!