weird noise in back of neck

Hi guys hope you are all having a decent day.

I have this odd noise in the back of my head when i move its like a metal clicking sound weird, its been on going for months now but getting worse, anyone else have it. Like an idiot I saw my GP yesterday as i have been quite poorly with my MS lately and my eyes are affected and i forgot to mention it to her. Its a funny noise though and my PA could actually hear it as well. Wonder if i need to get some WD 40 out lol.

WD40 or UB40 as my dad used to call it could be a handy trick for us all. go back to your GP and ask if it could be arthritis or the dreaded ms. carole x

i had seen her the other day carole and totally forgot to ask, but there is no pain or stiffness if that makes sense its just this weird noise lol. I have had it in my ear too. Definatly need the WD40 methinks lol. xx

I get that :o it’s more my head but comes from neck. Reminds me of a clicking chain. I’m not diagnosed with anything though. Still waiting for appointment x

could be crepitus?

I had to Google crepitus lol. I can’t speak for op but that’s not what mine is. Although I do get that but I consider that normal because I definitely don’t stretch enough. The noise I hear is in my head it starts and goes up to the top on one side. It only last about 3 seconds it annoying lol.

Nothing enlightening to offer, I fear, but I have been experiencing the same thing for the last year or so - and have rather wondered whether the MS might have something to do with it.