why does my head/neck crack

As you can probably tell I’m totally fed up and having a rotten time. Apart from the usual, other stuff is happening and Im not keen on this 0ne. When I turn my head to the side either when just sat or lying in bed, I get an almighty crack in my head or neck. Its like when your knee locks and you feel the need to crack it to put it right. Its really disturbing and I really am scared by it. Anyone have any ideas on this please.




I get that a lot, sometimes a big crack and lots of times lots of little cracks and crunches.

I am undiagnosed from a neurological point of view but I do have degeneration throughout the cervical spine which probably accounts for my cracks and crunches.


Hi Jan,

I too get this, I have had an xray for this and they have found that I have worn discs on my cervical spine…I get the really loud cracks and also sometimes my head just feels too heavy for my neck!

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hi wendy i feel exactly the same with head currently got my grandsons head rest of his car seat on my neck just to hold my head my up :frowning:

I’ve had a cracking neck/base of skull for hears. I can hear it crunching and grinding when I move my head from side to side or up and down. Sometimes it cracks and it feels freer (is that a word?). I have just put it down to the fact that I have Tourette’s and have had head flicking and neck crunching tics for years now. I am too scared to have it investigated. I just put up with it. Wear and tear.

years* I meant

Hi Midnightmoon,

Thats interesting, my son has Tourettes…I don’t know of anyone else who had that. He was on medication for years, he’s not been on it for a few years now, as he finds he can at last control it…he’s 22.


Hi Wendywu.

I have met tons of others with Tourette’s as I am quite involved with meetings and get-togethers. I hated the fact that I didn’t know anyone else with it so I got actively involved a few years back when I was diagnosed. I was a late diagnosis - early 30’s.

I’ve met a few famous people with Tourette’s too like John Davidson from Galashiels who first appeared on the QED documentary ‘John’s Not Mad’. Have also met Pete Bennet who won big Brother a few years back and Jess Thom (AKA Tourete’s hero).

I used to arrange an annual ‘Ticnic’ in the Park in Hypde Park every summer but they have kind of fizzled out now. I still meet up with the few who I have become good friends with and we have one on Satuerday (hope the weather isn’t too grotty!)

Now it looks like I may have two neurological conditions! Great eh? lol

I know one thing. I would rather have TS.

P.S. Sorry for hi-jacking your thread bellybooboo.

Hi yes I get that - in fact my last few attacks have been preceded by neck problem - my neck sticks and I can’t move it for about 10 seconds then it clicks into place. By then my speech has gone a bit slurry and the right sided weakness is back.