council rant

Hi all need a rant sorry, i’m un dx and been having a weird time for around 7 months. Some days i stuggle to reach my car as i live on a walkway. Medical submitted i’m non-urgent for a move. Is it me or if i keep having time off from work when i return in september i will get the sack and the council will end up paying my rent?

I am more than willing to struggle out to the car if i could see it but at the moment it is up the road through the alley and round the back of the flats.

I thought dept of work and pensions wanted people to work? At this rate i will be getting to work so tired they will get rid of me for either too much sick days or lack of performance due to being crackered when i get there!

With my medical history and record of sickness their is no way anyone else would employ me. I have got the MP involved whom said she will help only for the council to ring yesterday and say tough.

I am currently a band E but if i was to commit a crime and go to prison i would come out and be a band D.

Has the world gone mad?

The anti social behaviour neighbours are still trying to annoy me but whatever, and the woman who is supossed to be dealing with this is about as useful as a chocolate teapot!

CAB appoitment booked for thursday and last attempt solicitor for the 4th september.

Any other ideas welcome, sorry to rant but i’m fuming.

Sonia x

Hi Sonia, quite a few things happening there so its only.natural to let off a bit of steam specially when it comes to intitutions like the council my local council is a.nightmare. maybe if you rented privately you could find somewhere more accessable? Good luck with that and the work thing just make a daily diary for work so you can refute any performance issues. I failed to do that an got sacked for the similar perfotmance issues, I would have contested it but illness got the better of me etc. … … Good luck Sonia. Frank

Hi Sonia

Could you get your gp, neuro or ms nurse to write to the Council explaining

your position, the more people that can write, the better I think. Bit like

making a nuisance of yourself, but in a nice way.

Hope it all works out for you


Hi Sonia - do you have children or is it just you? Renting privately is an option as you get housing benefit if your income is low but this will probably only work for you if you have children as the number of bedrooms you need is dependant on this. You will sit on the waiting list for a referral but they add more points for need so you do need doctors letters etc to prove those medical needs. A diagnosis would clearly help but short of that a doc’s letter is needed and a specialist’s letter if possible. Good luck!

Hi and thanks guy’s, GP has wrote as has family services. MP well i’m waiting a response.

I am going to e mail DWP state secretary Iain Duncan Smith and see if he is willing to have me on his Dole queue by Christmas then help me find another job! He is also an MP so lets see eh.

I wouldn’t mind but it’s not like i don’t want to work, i just don’t want to struggle to get to and from.

Sonia x