Could this be MS

Hi there, I’m new to this forum and I’m just looking for some advice really. I’ve been really unwell for 3 yrs now since having my litlle boy by c section, when they did my spinal I got a pain shoot down my leg then a few days after I noticed I couldn’t cough properly I also had awful pain in my leg crampin g and spasms I saw the Dr and she advised me this was quite Normal so I just left the surgery since then I’ve had awful fatigue my legs are Constantly twitching it feels like popcorn popping in my legs and you can see it on the surface. All my muscles have a shrunk to a degree, I have dizzyness and blurry vision, pain all over. I’ve had blood tests done an MRI on my lumbar spine and brain (back when it first started)I had a EMG and all came back OK apart from I have multi level degenerative disk disorder but I just don’t believe that is what’s causing all my symptoms. Im just wondering if anybodys has a similar story and do I keep going back to the Dr for more tests. Please someone give me some advice.thank you

Hello Sarah

I don’t know if you could ascribe your symptoms to MS. To me it doesn’t seem likely, especially as you’ve had a clear brain and spine MRI in the past. I wonder if your symptoms could all relate back to your spinal anaesthetic? But my impression is irrelevant as we all experience MS differently.

It’s worth following up your symptoms, definitely. It can’t be pleasant living with sensory symptoms, spasms and pain, so seeing your GP and asking for a referral to a neurologist can’t hurt. It does sound like your symptoms could come from a nerve related issue, whether it’s due to damage done by the spinal or something else, a neurologist would be the doctor to ask.

If you were to try and write down a sort of timeline of what symptoms have happened in the past, Note whether anything has changed, improved or stayed the same. This will help you to explain to the GP as well as to neurologist, assuming you get the referral.

Best of luck with it.


Thank you for you reply I shall keep seeing my Dr until I can get some answers, I will definitely take your advise and write down symptoms and if any changes etc. Thanks again for replying. Sarah