Corona virus

…it’s friday 17.37 now…sorry, did I just hear Boris Johnson say that there will be an ‘emergency’ meeting on… Monday?? I do know that we should not panic but really?? More rain predicted for the weekend, more sadness for people effected by flooding, but this too will hopefully be added to Monday’s agenda?, plus the fact that he does not show his face ‘on the spot’ either…, at least he cannot make any empty promises then… It’s all about ‘showing your face’ as far as I am concerned, this to reassure ‘the people’ that you do care…

I’m ‘on the left’ but I am convinced that someone like Margaret Thatcher would have attended… If only Labour would have had a stronger leader during the last election…David Milleband, Andy Burnham… Sorry, I was thinking out loud for a moment…

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Whether it’s corona virus, climate change, population increase etc… we’re all doomed!

see there is a case in gloucester now. Its madness that anyone coming in from northern Italy can just go through without being stopped, and checked. this is how it spreads. Perhaps if they had done that they may have caught this person before they got time to spread it around.

There is no common sense with the govt at all!! What chance is there of containing this virus with these idiots.

Seems like he’s too busy making babies! Rather than getting his finger out ! As for that Handc@@@! LOL!

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Hurrah.a new baby Boris coming onto the scene…OMG! Poor kid! Boudsx

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My Daughter has already pre-booked a trip to Italy in June 2020 which I know Milan is one of the cites. Although its non refundable I am thinking of cancelling the Break . Better be safe than sorry, what do you think.

Daniel x

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My advice would to keep out until all this has passed. Not worth the risk.


The Tory Government probably view coronavirus as a useful way to reduce the welfare budget.

I agree!!

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This is worth reading Bang it in…COVID-19 and vaccination in ocrelizumab treatment – The MS-Blog The Barts blog Dmt and Coronavirus Stay healthy


I have family in Milan they said its not near them, its up further north. although some airlines are cancelling flights to milan at the moment. hopefully by june it will have settled or we are well ALL DOOMED lol.

…I agree whammel… It’s tricky anyway as a lot of Tories are privately insured (so was I at the time of diagnosis as I worked for an americain company; the result came back super fast!, lucky me not knowing what was ahead…). Still I think there’s still room for humour -just to keep us going of course…- I heard on LBC that someone had called in saying he had washed his hands while singing Happy Birthday twice but… still felt unwell…, what should he do?..

The other ‘thing’ that made me laugh was Nick Ferrari on again LBC this morning… Someone representing a company assisting people with Special Needs, called in and asked what they should do because of the Corona virus… Nick said 'Well, can’t you just tell them?.. Bless you Nick, I have a daughter with special needs because of brain damage… Yes, you can tell her a hundred times but it won’t register unfortunately, at least not in the way we mean to… You were at least ‘man enough’ to apologize later on, that’s why I’m a big fan of yours! (and it made me laugh!) :slight_smile:

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LOL funny about the hand washing and birthday.

I asked some of the guys at my sheltered so how do you wash your hands so they showed us right. Well no wonder if spreads lol.

so we got the kitchen bowl and I demonstrated how to do it (working in kitchens all my life). LOL they were so funny, your aving a larf they said we aint got time to phaff about like that lol. sod corona virus we will have to just get sick as they did not intend to spend all day washing their hands lol.

Mind you why people just sat at home not going out are washing their hands all day is beyond me. the information coming out is very confusing.

IF you go out to the shops, avoid touching your face etc, then if you have hand wash (you will be lucky its rare stuff now), use it in between shops. avoid touching your face, and keep anway from snotty people. when you get home immediately wash your hands thoroughly. end of.

One guy said the person serving him was cleaning his hands with gel every time he served someone and was sweating like mad. the guy was scared to death.

My tesco driver used gel before he came into my house. He said he had 3 new customers today as they wouldnt go to the store.

Crufts is still NOT CANCELLED.

Cheltenham festival still not cancelled.

this is a piece of crock. we need to cancel all these large gatherings NOW in order to stop any potential spread what the hell is going on.

its all about MONEY, isnt it.

lets see how many cases we get AFTER these events.

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My newly married daughter has her honeymoon planned for May in Rome.

Sadly their wedding was clouded, as his mum died 4 days before it. Hope the honeymoon isnt doomed too.

Is corona virus near Rome?



Current advice is to avoid travelling to Italy :frowning: It could change though xxx

Travel to northern Italy above Pisa should be avoided, but Rome is a fair bit further south and considered ok at the moment. Of course, this could be very different by the time we get to May.

…just a (one) thought…(as I have many :)…, I have to go to the dentist tomorrow, and I felt this sharp short pain this morning in an area only the dentist knows the name for…(you know, when he, in my case, starts talking ‘dentist googaleegoo’ to his assistant which frightens you to death…)… Good timing you could say! or perhaps not under the ‘Corona’ circumstances? I just wonder as we get all this advice thrown at us… Sorry TWO thoughts… which group was it again that sang 'Should I stay or should I go?..(I just try to stay ‘light hearted’…). Take care ‘for as much as you can’ anyway!

The Clash sang that song … 1st one I ever sang at Karaoke back in 1990 :slight_smile:

Very worried about Coronavirus, should we still be on dmd if we have virus, do we contact neurologist,ms nurse any advice much appreciated