Corona virus

is anyone scared ? Does ms make it more life threatening for us ? Dose the medication we take put us more at risk of it being life threatening ? No where can I find any info ? !

I personally assume that with an underlying health condition and a lowered immune system (if you’re on any of these drugs), we’d be at a higher risk of complications. However, I don’t think we should panic, there’s so much other stuff that can be a risk to health and life. Don’t worry at this stage. Katy


There are only about twelve people infected in the UK, so nothing to fuss about just yet.

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Ah the fizzy pop virus. It remind me of the corona man who used to come in his van, shouting and we kids would badger parents to get our fizzy corona lemonade lol.

Really truthfully and with respect. I am more worried about flu, and noro virus then the fizzy pop virus.

The point being too unless it went stupid in this country, to have a chance of getting it you would need to be abroad where it is currently at its height.

I have family in italy who live north and south and non are worried.

hand gel is important. no sneezing and coughing over people, i wish more would do that when they have colds and flu to be honest. a lot who had passed away in china were elderly and when you consider there are over 1.3 billion people living there the death toll is minimal. we need to stop china from marketing strange and odd creatures to eat. it is nearly always china where these things come from.

have we got a weakened immune system though? I have read varying thoughts on this.

i know a lot of people with MS are uber careful and have great diets and take care of themselves. I know i eat a ton of fruit and veg and never eat processed food.

anyway i am not frightened of it. I lived with a man who had the worse lungs you can imagine and he survived the rats disease and psittacosis. He died in the end of an unrelated disease sepsis. the coroner still wasn’t sure why he got that but i am convinced it was the 4 weeks before he had a biopsy in hospital for breast cancer.

he was well one minute no cough nothing and gone in 2 days.

now i am more worried about sepsis as 4 people have passed with that in the last 2 months in our sheltered complexes.

so well if its our time its our time.

I agree with Crazy Chick and would be more worried about the flu. I lost my very healthy mother-in-law before Christmas to the flu. People forget how dangerous it can be.

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Just heard there are people in Huddersfield (3 miles from me) who have been diagnosed with corona. They were students who had returned from a holiday in Italy! Boudsx

It would be a very good idea not to catch it, that’s for sure. The issues that make us eligible for a free flu vaccination because flu and its effects will hit us hard surely apply with bells on to a more serious and deadly respiratory virus.


I am very anxious over this Corona virus.My daughter had the swine flu and she was very,very ill with that.I nursed her all through it and really did think i would get it from her but luckily i didn’t,i was very worried for weeks after though.This Corona virus is just awful.

This is the view of the Barts Blog.

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I’ve just read this. As usual, Prof G is succinct and to the point. It’s already a pandemic for a number of reasons. It could hit people who are immune suppressed, but that ‘the immunosuppression associated with MS DMTs is relatively mild moderate’ so most people with MS handle infections relatively well. There are exceptions to this (Lemtrada and Cladribine - but you need to read the article to see just how at risk you personally are). In addition, people with extremely low lymphocytes caused by Tecfidera (less than 0.8 per blah, blah, blah) should consider coming off the drug. Then again, they should have already have been advised to, and in my hopelessly unscientific opinion (based on my own experience), it can take so long for lymphocytes to recover that it might already be a bit late!

I just stood up near my kitchen sink (something I rarely do) and saw the lid of our Britta filter jug as well as the state of our sink and had the thought that we are more likely (myself and Mr Sssue who is a pensioner with existing health problems, although not MS) are more likely to fall seriously ill or die from our deplorable hygiene in the kitchen (not the bathroom - I can see more uncleanliness in there and am a bit OCD about it) than from COVID19, aka Coronavirus. So I did a touch of cleaning!

(The above is clearly my opinion, it doesn’t take into account people who’ve travelled to Coronavirus hotspots nor people who’ve come into contact with those already infected - possibly soon to be most of us!)



I’ve just read up on this and it seems that some people with MS may be more severely affected by Coronavirus (and all other viruses such as colds etc) because of disease modifying drugs which affect the way the immune system functions. However, I wouldn’t worry at the moment, we are not in a high risk country. I hope that helps to put your mind at rest xx

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I work with the general public & on tefadira which is why I was trying to think through / gain info on my sensible course of action if it takes hold in my area.

My thoughts were should I a, stop taking the medication or b. Not go to work.

It was more what should I do if thought proses.

OK SO WE had no infections from the thousands of cases in China right? so what do we do become complacent by allowing all passengers coming in from Northern Italy to walk straight through from landing at the airport and just go spread their virus all around the country.

We know there is a slow incubation period and that people can carry the virus for 2 maybe longer weeks right?

So why on earth are passengers allowed to just wonder off home giving it to all and sundry.

Anyone coming in from an active area should be taken immediately to a quarantine base. tested, if not clear then helped. its ludicrous. So why are we treating our Chinese friends differently?

I cannot believe the complacency of this. Children allowed to go to school after a trip to a known infected area hello folks this a PANDEMIC isnt it?

I have had no fears of it now i have. I have this disease 12 miles away before even at the height of the chinese infections it was up north.

ridiculous hey ho, now you try and buy hand santiser and the ones i bought off amazon last year (12), are a ridiculous price now. I am going to insist anyone coming into my flat using the sanitiser lol…as its so close i dont want no fizzy virus, my legs are fizzy enough lol. x

This was on the Barts Blog today and might be useful.

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I have to admit I’m getting a little worried about it now that there is a confirmed case a few miles from me. I’m not panicking but I am considering discussing with my medical team, the option of coming off DMTs for a while. I take Gilenya and know it will take a couple of months for lymphocytes to get back to normal levels but it does worry me that continuing treatment will make it harder for me to fight what feels like an inevitable illness for me given my environment. I work in a college so spend much of my day in close contact with large numbers of people. Some of them have no care about basic hygiene at the best of times so it is a tad concerning.