Corona virus

I’m torn too about worrying or not. Just finished first year of mavenclad… couldn’t be a worse time!!

Thanks Freddy.

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and yet CRUFTS goes ahead and no plans to ban cheltenham festival. so why worry it will spread well now.

lets get on with it. all this hanging about will we wont we. Lets act like we are at war, and become more canny over survival. I mean why are people buying all the toilet rolls, whats wrong with newspaper lol.

now they are buying all the paracetamol. madness. 2 packets for a flu surely would be enough. so why buy a ton of it.

as soon as this virus hit china, i sprang into action as I had a feeling it would be a new SARS or MERS. zoonetic my husband had 2 diseases which were zoonetic, weirs disease off rats and pstiticosis of pigeons. both go for the lungs.

so i made sure i had plenty of grub for my animals, and stocked up my freezers and cupboards lol. been sorted for weeks.

i shall make it all last as long as i need too. i have toilet rolls and a very large sunday newspaper as a back up lol well we used the newspaper when i was kid. toilet roll was a luxury

just think we have to be sensible and when out keep away from people, no kissing or touching lol and wash hands as soon as you get home or if you are lucky buy a bottle of hand sanitiser which is like gold dust.

if they can still run crufts and the horse racing then hell i aint bothered anymore.

what will be will be. i am more worried about flu and noro virus myself.

even our surgery is shut and doing triage on line.

if your worried about DMD please contact your DOCTOR or MS NURSE Barts have put up a thing about which ones you shouldnt still have.

go safe everyone, its a challenge now we can do it. xxx long as i have internet i will survive lol. but i have a ton of DVD I CAN play if not. xxxxxxx

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great to know you`re well stocked up for the duration CC!

No hand gel available anywhere…but got some 99% hand wash from Asda.

I dont have DMDs but hubby does for his RA.

District nurse came today to change my catheter…said she`s been self isolating for 2 weeks with a bad back! Washed her hands AFTER opening a nurse pack and putting pinny on!

What will be will be, eh?


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Hi, I am taking tecfidera, I only started a few weeks ago. I haven’t had any bloods taken, so I am unsure if my bloods are low. Does anyone know if this is a dmd that needs to be stopped due to the covid-19 virus ?? I am worried about this, as I haven’t been feeling to well recently. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

It would be advisable to see how low your bloods are because tecfidera reduces blood count (mine never recovered) & if its below a certain level - they may advise you to stop - check the Barts Blog link above in this post

amazon had hand gel 2 days ago i got 2 bottles for my daughter who cleans for a living and had run out.

i have curex antibacterial its lush. we have hannd cleaners in the sheltered to use. i did the posters for people to use them when they come into the complex as they dont, and i told one guy off he goes to work and i said have you cleaned your hands no he forgot so i said go do it, or your not chatting to us lol. i know a meany but he works in retail so should know better.

he is always got a cold or tummy ache or something lol.

let the games begin. stay safe everyone. x

My daughter is a medical secretary, so her work is with vulnerable people.

This morning she has put something on facebook that is amazing. I cant copy it as it is very long. But it makes so much sense. It is written by Abdu Sharkawy…he is an Infectious Disease Specialist doctor.

If anyone can find this piece, it is so worth reading.

The gist is; I am not afraid of Covid-19...I am afraid of the hysteria surrounding it.....


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So very sad to read this - how strong they must be to have carried on with the wedding.

Regarding going to Italy, not sure I would go but sometimes I am too sensible.

Thanks km for putting the link on.

I see Italy has closed Lombardy…


The MS Society has put out advice on the corona virus and DMDs…some DMDs are ok to continue…some arent! Can we get a thread from them here do you think?


…see Sky News…, loo roll fights in Australia!.. I am not worried just yet, I have some old Daily Mails, and I always wanted to wipe my back with some of their columnists…:)…

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Think this is what you want:

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I have just been into town to get some anti-bacterial soap simply because it is the one I always use and I had run out. I couldn’t get any anywhere. All of the shops had run out! I had to settle for fragranced liquid soap instead. The country has gone mad!!! As for the loo roll, I was shown a photo yesterday of a supermarket in staffordshire that had empty shelves where the loo roll should be. Like I said the country has gone mad!!!