Corona Virus thoughts?

Hi all, just wondering how you are feeling about Corona Virus. I assume, as we have compromised immune systems, we should be extra cautious. On other hand, due to overactive immune systems, I know many of us hardly ever catch anything.

I’m still living my life but taking extra care to wash hands and use antibacterial gel. Luckily I bought a big bottle recently which I squeeze into smaller bottle for when out. On London tube the other day there was a young woman who kept sneezing and coughing. People were looking a bit nervous (but typical of Londoners, most people kept their heads down and pretended to ignore it).

Be interested to hear other views? For instance, fewer people are dying than with plain old winter flu… so is this a huge over reaction? Answers on a postcard please

Love Pat xxx

How’s it going out there Pat?

A personal opinion on the Internet, is liable to draw out a mob.

Me personally. I’ve stopped washed & started hugging people & animals more.

I’ve had Septicaemia for the last 3 months, along with other things. I’m more interested in Corona Flakes, with milk & sugar.

Best regards Terry


Good reply Terry… thanks! Pat x

Hi Pat, I’m living my life as I usually do trying and not to worry about things I can’t change. As you say overactive immune systems keep infections at bay so I’m hoping the same will apply to this new virus.

I go to Aqua fit a few times a week up to 30 in a class. Corona has been mentioned and is becoming a concern for a few who attend due to the number of people in the sports centre and the close proximity in the pool. Aqua has been a massive help to me in my quest to maintain strength and to become even stronger so I’ll still be going.

Coffee and biscuits in the sports centre for me…oh and Chips when I’m there on a lunchtime

Love to all

Jan x

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Hello Pat.

Chemotherapy has resulted in a few infections for me but I don’t expect to be affected by corona. Cruise ships may be notorious for spreading diseases but I’m still going on one in May.

Best wishes. x

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What concerns me the most is that after ten years of chronic underfunding, the NHS is at breaking point and ill prepared to deal with a pandemic. The Government is about to find out that their austerity policy has consequences and you can’t just magic up 100,000 more staff and provide the extra beds needed. I wonder who they will blame this time?


Hi Pat

My main reaction is frustration that I can’t be one of the retired nurses who can help the stretched NHS. The body is a bit too broken. I’m one of the lucky ones who hardly ever gets colds or viruses so I’m not bothered. I live out in a tiny village in the country so exposure isn’t as great as to those of you in cities. I’ve just been told I can have my surgery next week and I’m not putting it off for that.

Basically I’m not letting it interfere with my life. I do feel sorry for those affected though. Many vulnerable people die each year of flu and the viruses mutate. I think good hand washing has also become an issue, people don’t know the importance of it. Have you been in a supermarket loo where half the women don’t wash their hands? They are more likely to spread germs and viruses.


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I dont think we can do very much about it…just the handwashing and no french kissing!


ps Steve,… my sis is cruising in 2 weeks…caribbean…where you off to?

Hello Bouds.

I’m off to the fjords at the end of May. Can’t wait.


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Thanks all for replies. Agree with them all. Hand-washing and carrying on… agree Whammel that the NHS won’t cope. In church we can’t have the wine now or the ‘peace’ when we normally shake hands. Numbers have dropped as well at a time, Season of Lent, when they normally increase. Hey ho… Oh Boudica I do agree with you… French kissing should be made a criminal offence… lol…

Love Pat xxx

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I never like it anyway Pat!


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Good morning all

I thought according to the Government we were getting 50,00 nurses every time ‘they’ spoke!

Gosh it’s lovely to see you back on here Pat

M x


Will those of you who are 70+ self isolate for 4 months?

I am 67 but hubby is 71


I am 61 ans my partners 64.I spend a lot of my time indoors and have done for a long time so i hardly go out anyway.But i am worried it will be brought to me by my adult kids and grandchild.but all i can do is tell them not to come if they get symptoms and wash my hands a lot and clean a bit more.Some people think the govt are over reacting but i don’t i also think they are holding stuff back as not to scare us even more.Thers a lot more younger ones with it in Italy now too.It was thought to affect manly older and the ill at first but seems more younger ones are getting it now.Its like we are at war with a virus.People either think its not much to worry about or panic and i am a worrier so i am in the panic type group of people.

It is definitely scarier now that we are being told 70+ may have to stay indoors. They will have to deliver food to us and leave it at the door. We`ll have to order on pay on line…which many of us dont like doing.


Anne So lovely to see you back on here Snow Leopard… Well. It has been decided for us. We must stay in. I am turning it around and looking at it as an opportunity. To get things done indoors. You can still go in the garden if you are able. Good luck to us all. We will need it through this testing time. Anne

My Gp rang me yesterday and told me that I am among the vulnerable group. I’m 54 but she said its ines with chronic health problems as well as the over 70s. I’ve kept my girls off college and Lee is working from home. I hope everyone is okay on here. Stay safe Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi all, yes things are moving really rapidly aren’t they? I live in sheltered housing and from 1 pm today we are in total lockdown. Staff can get shopping for us or help to do internet orders. Even if people don’t have cash the housing association will pay and settle up later.

My church stopped all services and activities from today. So basically we are now indoors for the next couple of months at least. Even with each other we have to keep at least 3 feet apart and not go into each other’s flats.

The thing is, with MS we are in the vulnerable group. I’m 66 but will stay indoors. Thankful for the internet, phone and TV! It’s going to be a long few months. I would also say make sure you eat properly to keep up strength… so if you do get the virus your body will be strong enough to fight it. Plenty of fruit and veg and protein.

Thank you so much for the welcome back. It’s lovely to see so many old mates still on here. You’re stuck with me now… like it or not!

Take care, be safe and God bless.

Pat xxx

Hi Pat

Like everyone else I am so pleased to see you back on here.

Same as you I am in home for the next week’s or months however long they are saying, good job we have this forum. Unfortunately my hubby is in hospital having had a heart attack, and they won’t let me visit him, relying on mobile phone calls with each other. I am totally reliant on my two children for everything and I hate it, but have no choice.

I agree we all need to eat good food in case and follow the guide lines and hope for the best.

Take care everyone.

Pam x

Hi Pam, so sorry to hear your husband had a heart attack. My goodness what a worry for you. Yes awful being reliant on children but on other hand this will be a very good learning experience for them. One they will never forget. One day they’ll be telling their grandchildren about it!

Day 1 of total lockdown and not doing too badly here. I’m trying to fill my time so I don’t watch the news channel too much and have a couple of little jobs I should get on with. Had a carpet lifted recently and the flooring underneath, vinyl tiles, are good but lots of little glue spots I need to get off. I suppose I should force myself to start…

Keep well Pam and everybody!

Love Pat xxx

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