Coping with Hands

My hands are some oof the most intrusive or frustrating problems I have they're naturally very gittery but today has been a very bad day.with them to the point of upsetting.

I had to go on a scrapbooking workshop.. my hands were all shakey probably because im exhausted after having very little rest this week, resulting in them being worse than usual. I was trying to do all this work with scissors and paper, photos whilst my fingers were throbbing and grating so badly, all I could think was, i have hours of this.. how the hell can i do this? I'd have sudden movements ruining photos and unsteadiness which caused me to be so very careful to the point my eyes were straining. 

Its like brain and body wont communicate.

I was with my nan, we have a very complicated family..` so I have to cover it all up be the good granddaughter I am meant to be at 19 years old to everyone fit and healthy apart from my weight.. I do love my nan, very much and I wanted to be a good companion and do everything im meant to do for her!

But my hands were so hard to bear... every hour I went to the bathroom to soak them in very hot water which provided temporary relief. The worst part was carrying cups of tea I lost most of the cup each time, it was heart breaking. My hands mean so much to me Im very creative and as it becomes harder to complete or even use my hands. I get such pain in them it feels crippling, i never thought hands could be capable of this on their own, ive been fortunate with everything else today.

Using knife and fork as well was hard... but the worst thing which my mum witnessed was this evening I was getting wine glasses down for our saturday night routine. I went to rinse them and with one I was holding  I went to dry it and my arm spasmed completely smashing the glass into shatters into the side... ive never seen a glass so smahed which proved how strong the spasm was..mum was upset by it. I was just angry. 

I feel so angry with my hands. But my main question is does anyone have any tips or techniques on how to deal with this? Any answer would be greatly appreciated.

Take care everyone, hope you're doing as best as can be xx

Hello Littlesparrow,

I feel for you, I'm not arty at all in fact I'ver never been able to draw a milk bottle that actually looked like one. Creative I am certainly not. But for all that I can understand, I once won a competition for best handwriting. Now you cannot read what I put down on paper and nor can I. The tremours, jerks, whatever you call them come from no where and go where they want. I find that if I have one in public I just laugh and says whoops, sorry about that.

You will just have to tell your nan what happens to you or what can happen, I'm sure she loves you very much and will understand. None of my crockery matches anymore, I've dropped so many things and broken them. The only tip I would give you is don't get hold of glass or anything that will break easily, surely your mum understood it wasn't your fault, maybe you need to have a little chat with her as well.

Hope this helps some.

I'm sure others on here will give you more tips.

Love Janet x

Hi Littlesparrow, I agree with Janet. Have a word with your mum and nan and tell them what's going on. I also think you might want to talk to MS nurse (if you have one) or neuro about any med's that might help. Also, I wonder if a physio might be able to at least provide some exercises to try to keep the hands strong. Maybe a chat with the GP would be a good idea.

You really have my sympathy. Awful to lose full function of your hands. Try and stick to your art projects though. They can only do your hands (and soul) good.

Take care,

Pat x (oh and mis-matched china is now the height of fashion!)