Consultant Date & Symptoms?

Well, I chased for a Consultant Date today and have been given 4th June - just really hoping I get a diagnosis now so I can move forward.

The most recent symptom of note is two dead fingers during the night and then during the day they feel odd, kind of swollen. I googled but that can come under a large range of illnesses but wondered if anyone else had experienced this?

When I had my first attack back in January, I was left with a weak left leg that only seems to be weak for half of the week (phew!) and some days I get really, really achey from my hip down my thighbone and almost to my knee. I did mention it to the doctor at the same time as mentioning that the arch of my foot seems to be touching the floor and is uncomfortable but he’s referred me to a podiatrist and didn’t actually really say anything about my hip/leg for which I have started taking anti-inflammatories.

Hi, cant tell you owt about the fingers thingy.

But with your achey hip/leg…are you noticing any foot drop? I ask as this was one of my early symptoms.

I kept tripping up and falling. I thought i had lifted my left foot to walk…but hadnt…hence the trips and falls.

Physio said to lift the hip and swing the leg out to avoid foot drop when walking. I did that and got such a sore hip and thigh muscle.

podiatrist made me a moudled plastic sort of half sock and shoe. I couldnt get any shoes on with it.

Hope you can find some help which works for you.

luv Pollx

Yes, I think I may have foot drop - the other problem being that I have a very heavy almost 1 year old little girl who is often carried on my left so I sometimes wonder if my symptoms are caused by this?!

I will try the hip/swing thing but the problem is that you kind of walk how you walk don’t you think? I have been doing quite a bit more walking which I had thought had helped until this last week.