Tight left foot

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to ask a question. Today I’ve woken up with and it has now continued for 4 hours, with a tightness in my left foot. It’s like someone’s wrapped a very tight bandage around the middle of my foot, around my heel and up my ankle to about half way up my calf. Also, when I walked round the corner to the shop, by the time I was coming back, I found myself dragging my toes again!

A tiny bit of background. I’ve had left back and arm numbness, pins and needles, weakness and pain for over a year. I also briefly suffered with a numbness in my left foot but that only lasted a few weeks and fully resolved. During that time though, I did suffer with a touch of drop foot. I’m on Amitriptyline and have been for 3 months. It has been marvellous and reduced my symptoms almost back to normal. Almost!

I’m probably a touch paranoid about what might be happening to me as I really want to know. I’m only 29!! I went to see the neurologist for the first time last week and am awaiting a brain MRI where he’s expecting to see something, not sure what, but something in the right side of my brain as all of my symptoms have always been solely on my left side.

Do you think I should contact him to let him know something has changed? Or am I just being paranoid?

Thank you,

Nat x

There could be a simple muscular reason for your foot so I wouldn’t call the neuro yet. Maybe wait and see if it stays and/or spreads and/or happens again? If it does, then the neuro may want to scan your spine too so it would be worth contacting him so the MRI referral can be changed, if he thinks it’s necessary.

Do see your GP too.

Karen x