Worried if a symptom has got worse and what to do.

Hello. I wonder if someone could help please as I’m slightly worried.

I wrote on here a couple of weeks ago.

No diagnosis and brain scans clear, but my neurologist has said in my report he has not ruled out a possible significant neurological process.

I have been having symptoms such as tingling/ buzzing hands and feet. Restless arms with jerks now controlled by Ropinerole and a patch of numbness/ loss of sensation which has spread to the whole of my left leg on the left side. There are numerous other symptoms that come and go.

I recently posted on here about my new symptoms of not being able to stop my body stretching and feeling like my ribs were being squeezed and painful spasms in the whole of my leg. Yesterday I also got this in my big toe and then my two middle toes.

Anyway, last night my hands and feet were tingling alot more than usual and I woke up the same. Whilst at work I cleaned a table went to stand upright and my lower back has completely tightened up. I cannot stand upright at all without a lot of pain.

My hands and feet are tingling constantly and when standing the whole of my left leg looses sensation, so much so I can’t stand on it. I can feel the loss of sensation even when sitting and laying down.

The muscle pain from my back feels like it is wrapping around my lower abdomen.

I don’t know if this is all connected to the muscle problems I’ve been having or something else, slipped disc? I had 2 slipped discs years ago both were accompanied by electric shocks. I do not have this this time.

I spoke with my neurologist on Tuesday and he is starting me on Gabapentin and magnesium for the cramps. He does not know about this.

Should I take a trip to a&e tomorrow if the loss of sensation persists?

Sorry for the long post.

Thank you.

See if you can get your spine checked growths can also appear there too, for some it’s brain and spine, others it’s brain or spine.

Have you tried stretching exercises to help ease muscle tensions, it bloody hurts still while doing light yoga or some form of stretching after, feel much looser and relaxed for couple hours or most of the day. Depends but worth a go.

Have you also tried anything such as strong multi vitamins such as neurotropic vitamins which help with cognitive function ability or CBD oil to relax muscles and different parts of body for different daily function.

Maybe you could look at dietary changes also, sometimes to deal with aches and pains caused by this it can be the little things you wouldn’t necessarily think of helping or impacting much that can make a difference and overtime of being in a routine with it all
will cause you to feel a lot better within yourself and able to cope with this all happening.

Sadly for all of us who deal with all different forums of MS there’s no cure or even treatment that could definitely work as it’s different for everyone but with time and finding out what does and doesn’t work. We will become more aware of our illness on an individual level and be able to hopefully cope better.
Life goes on for us all, you will be feeling better with this one day and we will figure these things out.
Things such as dietary change and exercises and so on can help drastically at times, some people even control the symptoms with these things and the medications.

Be weary of too many medications and changes to them without a formal diagnosis as they could give you the wrong thing or damage you in some way. Not trying to put you off sorry if it isn’t helpful to say.

It may not sound like the best or helpful much but it couldn’t hurt to try ?

Been dealing for 4 years with rapidly worsening, without much help from doctors, as they’ve been neglectful and it’s been difficult to find people who will listen as professionals and only just coming close to diagnosis it’s so close yet so far but things I’ve suggested have helped me over the years.

The absolutely rubbish thing is how symptoms always change slightly making it seem even tougher to know or get a grasp on. For myself I’ve suffered non epileptic seizures, clinical depression and psychosis which are extremely rare symptoms supposedly, and has now over couple of years time have been totally replaced by symptoms of aches pains, spasms, tingles, headaches so on. Still have clinical depression and episodes of that at times but honestly you will get a grasp with it all eventually, we both will just gotta keep researching, getting to know yourself and your illness and keep on moving forward through it all and trying little things each day to get life back somewhat.

Wishing the best hope you find ways of controlling or easing symptoms

Hi. Thanks for your reply. Sounds like your having a rough time!

I should have said that I have had a clear mri scan on my back so all very puzzling.

I’m on iron and vitamin b’s & follates.

Someone did mention CPD oil which I have considered. I’ll give the gabapentin a go and maybe try some.

Yes, I agree I am worried as I’m on two meds now with no diagnosis. I was holding off with the gabapentin but have got to the stage I need to try something else.

I will be trying stretching exercises once this calms down. Every time I strech my legs my calves or toes just tighten up and go stiff.

I hope you get some answers soon.

Hope you do too, think it’s a tough time for the lot of us here.
has you’re neurologist looked into ruling anything else out for you.
Chronic pains disorders, inflammation diseases.
Sometimes the best way to determine what the cause is, is to rule out others first.
Was only
Concerned about different medications because sometimes if your not formally diagnosed and there’s not much evidence pointing to anything then different medications could potentially make things worse.

Life style plays a large role aswell and it’s good to try to just move around, have a good stretch even if you don’t feel 100% you should keep giving it a go for a little while, because then you can figure out boundaries of what you definitely can and can’t do.

Hope you figure this out soon.

Hello, I read your posting on the forum and I was wondering how things have progressed for you since our symptoms and diagnosis are similar.

Thank you in advance

Hello, I’m Sorry for the late reply.
I had my last Neurology appointment in September and he has put my problems down to problems with my muscles which have then irritated my nerves.

I have Rheumatoid arthritis which I have been in remission for for over 2 years and off of meds.

Even though my joints are not too bad at the moment it seems my muscles are not so good. I still get the loss of sensation in my leg and other limbs at times but I get strange pains in some muscles such as my feet and arms.

I get shooting pains in the top of my arms, lower back and ribs. My ribs went on for hours last week and eventually felt like I was wearing a belt around them. I even checked that my trousers hadn’t risen up very high!

I think I am probably going to have to get back in touch with my rheumatologist. Really don’t want to though.

I have been diagnosed with restless upper limb syndrome which I take Gabapentin and Ropinerole for.

So sorry to go on, it’s nice to chat. I feel like I can’t keep saying to my husband and people " today this hurts " etc.

What symptoms are you having and are you seeing a neurologist?

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