A little advice thanks

Hi just to say I have already posted but it’s not showing so apologise if it shows twice eventually. Since I had my first bout of symptoms I had spasms, mainly in the legs and feet, these did calm down then in January I was put on citrralpram and since then I’ve had them on off quite a lot. Has anyone else experienced muscle cramping on citrralpram? As I’m thinking to ask my doctor if I can change meds. Also not felt too good over the past week. My left foot went completely numb in the night Thursday, the feeling returned after I moved it about a lot but it felt odd the rest of the day. At the same time I’ve noticed my spasms have increased. I’m also getting numbness in my hands when I do certain things, for example when I’m talking on my phone and have my phone in my hand, all these symptoms had improved but have started again. I’m undiagnosed with clear scans so far so still not a clue what is happening to me. Also I have an appointment with a neuro psychiatrist on the 21st, can anyone tell me what they actually do? Is it because they think this is in my head or will it be checking that it isn’t? As I’m a bit confused by it all. My neuro also suggested that I go for a second opinion so I have an appointment in May with a neuro I had recommended to me. I have also noticed that when I take ibuprofen that the cramping and spasms calm a little, is this normal if it were neurological? Sorry for all the questions but I have nobody to ask thanks Jo x

Hi jo. I do not have MS. Like you i had muscle cramps, numbness etc. My scans are all clear. The neurologist has said i have functional neurological disorder. Basically as he put it i have neurological symptoms but not caused by disease or degeneration. I have physical symptoms too which is causing slight loss of function. All he says caused by my brain not sending out the right messages. This may not be what you have but i wanted to.explain the ‘in your head bit’. To have fnd it means that they know you have no control over the symptoms and so no we do not make the symptoms up. Hope that helps as i am still getting my head around it myself!

Hi amc 1, I have heard of fnd. Thing that made me say about it being in my head is the last time I saw my neuro he told me I hade to change my way of thinking. Not mentioned any other explanation to me. Hopefully I will get to bottom of it soon. I am on a closed group for fnd at the moment, seems there’s lots of people with this diagnosis. I just find it hard to get my head around an fnd diagnosis if I get given that x

We are probably in the same group lol. Its hard to understand it especially as my symptoms are worse than ever and i am doing all the right things like routine and exercise.

Yeah we probably are. I was doing all the right things but then I slip up when I feel unwell again and just start to worry about what the hell could be wrong x