Constipation with heavy legs

Hi chaps

I have frequent constipation, and every time I get very heavy legs and walking becomes a problem. My neuro says the two are connected but does anyone know the mechanism behind this?

Yours, full of sh*t


hi sarah

i get both constipation and heavy legs but had never considered a connection.

baclofen eases the heavy legs as does tizanidine.

these days when i “go” it’s usually when i don’t realise it is imminent (a bit worrying).

your, also full of sh*t

carole x


I have long since given up on my brain and the ability to explain anything clearly but! the organs of the body all work together…not separate. Seems logical to me, if someone has been constipated for days then there is going to be a lot of bloating, pressure etc, which is bound to impact on nearby structures in the body…including neural pathways.

Then again it could be something else entirely

If I was you, I would switch to a light diet. Keep off the fibre for a few days and get something from docs for constipation.


Hi this is interesting so thanks for bringing this subject to my attention. I’ve read that dehydration may cause leg pain. I keep not drinking enough.

Did any of you read WoblyBoy’s post re swollen painful feet/legs. He found out it was caused by Movicol - he was taking it for a laxative and it causes water retention.

Could this be the hidden cause.

Hi I don’t get constipation but I have urge incontinance and I get heavy legs when I’m bursting for a wee. It was awful when we lived in a house with stairs. I sometimes just got halfway there when I had an accident and it was usually because my legs were so heavy I couldn’t get to the loo in time. It’s much easier now we have no stairs.

Mags xx