Heavy legs relapse?

For two days I had aching legs and back. The yesterday this turned to heavy legs. I told my MS nurse and did a urine test today waiting for results to come by text from GP surgery. Has anyone else had heavy legs before? I’ve not been overdoing it and its not the heat.

Hi Kennedy, I have had heavy legs for the past week. I am only newly diagnosed so do not know why this is. Do you find you legs particularly heavy when going up stairs, Ann

Hi Kennedy, I have had heavy legs for the past week. I am only newly diagnosed so do not know why this is. Do you find you legs particularly heavy when going up stairs, Ann Forgive spelling and typo’s numb hand

Me to. Mine for about a month, especially my right leg, yes going up stairs nightmarish, have got stuck half way had to sit and push up backwards, last Thursday had to get 2 friends to carry me as I just could not get my right leg to move forward at all, went to hospital yesterday on oral steroid now for 15 days to see if it helps, daughter’s wedding 11th July. So fingers crossed.

I get heavy legs too. I’ve no advice, sorry, just wanted to sympathise.

At the moment I suffer from heavy arms, its always worse if I’ve lifted something heavy day before. They are heavy and shaky, its horrible.

Hope you feel better soon.

I too have heavy legs regularly.

I have noticed that the humid weather makes it worse.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Yup, another case of heavy legs.

When Copaxone was effectively stopped on me by the inaction of Healthcare at Home, I started to keep a record of how I felt (mainly because I could find no information on what to expect).
All went well for the first month. Then, last week, I had what was for me a typical relapse:
Fatigue, heavy limbs, increasing to the point of extreme fatigue.
The fatigue was so bad I could not even pick up a book. On the third day (last Friday) I just lay down and slept all afternoon - most unlike me.
Come Sunday, I felt as if the fatigue was lifting, but the legs still had no strength (and my stability was rubbish).

Yesterday, actually managed to go out, but said to my wife that I felt that my legs were heavy. In fact, I could hardly feel the one with the dropped foot.

I assume that this was a relapse, and I am about to mail my MS Nurse and put a “possible” relapse on record before my next appointment in six weeks time. Will be interested to see what she suggests.


Hi Lenney,

Are you on Rebif?

I had several problems with it (I stopped last week) and one of the major issue was a constant pain in my lower back (sometime it requires a good dose of ibrufen) and very heavy legs (my MS nurse told me that this was a probable side effect of the treatment). Now since I stopped the pain disappears completely but I have got still heavy legs, hopefully the situation will improve.

Hi I am due to start a DMT very soon. It will be my first DMT and will be BG12. My MS nurse has said they are just waiting for the green light now and it is very close to being availabe. I’m going to a DMT talk tomorrow. x

Hi MTA. That’s interesting, I started DMD, rebif jan 22mcg and supposed to be increasing to 44mcg ASAP sure now I was better before I started it? Have got lower back probs heavy legs, you making me think now, should I ask to stop, trouble is we just go with what they say, as they are the experts!!!

Lenney, I just googled DMT, it sounds like some sort of heroin?? Are you sure your going on this? Or am I looking at the wrong thing. Lol

Isn’t DMT - Diseases Modifying Treatment and DMD - Disease Modifying Drugs? I am never sure which to say and often say DMT’s!!

Lenney. Yes think your right, found it now re googled BG12, got me worried for a moment, I know we are up for trying anything, but not what I was watching. lol

Am really sore and aching today :frowning: I feel like just asking to have Lemtrada now. I feel I need to go on aggressive MS treatment.