Constant UTI

Hi All, I have been thinking about whether to post or not but know deep down you guys will be there to provide support. I started with an infection in mid July and this followed with a UTI and seem to have it clear by going back to drs and tested again. Then 2 days later I am back at the drs with another sample and positive result and more antibiotics. I have been referred to a urologist, it has been suggested they will recommend being on a constant low dose of antibiotics. I am not sure how I feel about this I don’t really know why this frightens me. I am self catheritisin. I have had 5 weeks off work, I have started doing a few hours a day this week. I am feeling down by the constant infections. Should I be frightened by constant antibiotics? Thanks for your support. Barney


I was on a daily low dose for a few years. There’s positives & negatives to it - the positives are obviously that it can help to keep the UTIs at bay, but on the downside you run the risk that you build up a resistance. That doesn’t mean no anitibiotics will work - far from it. It just means that particular one won’t work any more.

I can understand you being frightened, though personally I was more frightened of the effects of getting a UTI. Have you spoken with the urologist about your worries? I think that would be a good thing to do (or with your GP instead, if that’s easier), and could help answer your questions.


I’ve had this problem too and had my 1st urologist appointment last month. What she suggested was to use 4 antibiotics on a 3 month rolling programme so that resistance wasn’t built up. I’m on Nitrofurantoin at the moment and will go on to Trimethoprim and I can’t remember the name of the other two.

I had an awful UTI which resulted in me having rigors which was really scary. I was in hospital for 4 days having intravenous antibiotics. I don’t really want to repeat this if I can help it. I feel quite happy having the constant antibiotics and the rotation of drugs eases my worries about becoming resistant.

Hope that helps,

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Sarah x

i was on a low dose of trimethoprim following 5 months of constant UTI’s.

it got the infections under control and now i only take them if i suspect an infection.

scared of another relapse so will continue to keep a packet just in case

carole x

Hello Barney. It’s quite common for people with longterm conditions/treatments to be on prophylactic antibiotics. My husband has been on this regime for years and only just having to switch. You will be ok, try not to worry :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I haven’t had a urologist appointment yet hope it won’t be too long coming as really not enjoying these UTI’s aren’t pleasant. Am tucked up in bed currently as feeling rotten. It is so disabling