Anyone on antibiotics to prevent UTIs?

I’ve just had my second UTI this year. Fortunately I caught this one reasonably early and the antibiotics have already done their magic.

I understand that you can take a low dose of antibiotics regularly to help prevent UTI’s. I have an appointment with the GP coming up on Wednesday and I’m going to ask him about this.

Before I do, does anyone take antibiotics regularly. If yes, what do you take, what does and how often?



Yes, I take them.

I was advised to take them after a run of infections. I self catheterise all the time. Initially I was on a rotation of 4 different ones, taking each for 3 months before moving to the next. Then the thinking changed and I was advised to stick to one. I now take 50mg of Nitrofurantoin each night. I’ve done this for several years now.

For the majority of this time I have been infection free. I was hospitalised for 2 weeks at the beginning of the year with a UTI but that was due to taking steroids when one was lurking in the background.


i’ve been taking a low dose of trimethoprim for a few years and no UTI!

Yes my urologist put me on trimoprim 100mg a night. However, double edged sword as i think now i am used to them when i get UTI which i still do they dont really work, so they have to try me on other things and i am not good with anitbiotics.

Also the urologist suggested a high dose cranberry which i take very day. before the antibiotics every night i was virtually having UTI on a constant roundabout. Now i get about 4 or 5 a year.

yes, my GP put me on a full time course of cefalexin and this seems to do the trick. I have been put on the full dose all the time I believe. The only drawback is that it gives my stomach ache but at least no more utis.


Yes, I have taken them for a couple of years after having 12 uti’s in 22 months. Have had all the tests by Urology department and it was found that my problem is retention, not much but enough. Started on Trimethoprim 100gm per night, that stopped working and has continued to do so. Became resistant to amoxicillan and am now on cefalexin 250gm per night.Can’t take nitrofurantoin makes me cough! I was also told to take high strength cranberry and I drink loads, I also use a bladder stimulator. I actually got the retention down to 20ml and on the advice of the nurse left the antibiotics off, got a uti within six days - that didn’t work then! Only trouble is I don’t feel particularly good on cephalexin even at a small dose but has to be done.