Prophylactic Antibiotics for UTIs

I’ve posted before about recurrent UTIs - and blow me have come down with yet another, THe fifth one in five months - an all since starting Tysabri,

I am having a bladder scan next week - however there is talk of putting me on a daily dose of antibiotics to try and avoid getting infections. This goes against the grain for me - until MS I never took so much as an aspirin but now my body is no longer the temple it once was… Taking antibiotics on a daily basis is not something I relish - but of course I do not enjoy UTIs and the inevitable course of tabs I need each time.

Has anyone else had this experience and how do you get on with the daily a/biotics. Do they work at preventing UTIs - and are there any unpleasnat side effects to taking them long term like this?

Very grateful for any advice or experiences shared. Seasons Greetings to you all.

Hi I am on a daily prophylactic dose of trimethoprim, since I had a very fierce UTI in July. I have had several scans,cystoscopies etc. I found that they worked well until November and have had 3 infections since then. However, it may be this time of the year for me as I had a few before Christmas last year. I am currently on a very strong antibiotic for this one and hoping it will get rid of it. I must say I am sick of constantly carrying urine sample bottles in my handbag! I hate the bladder problems more than anything else. Hope this is of use to you. Teresa xx

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Yes, I used to get a uti almost as soon as I had stopped the last course of antibiotics, and I had several cytoscopies and scans, but now I have been on 250mg of Cefalexin each night, these are just a thing of the past. I can’t say that I have noticed any side effects either which has surprised me. Good luck with your dail dose of whatever you are put on,



I have been taking a daily dose of Nitofurantoin for about 8 years. About 2 years ago doctor changed the antibiotic to Trimethoprim but I started getting repeated UTIs again, so I’m back on the Nitro again. I have not had any side effects but would prefer not to take them. I do though agree with the doctor who prescribed them originaly - In an ideal world I woud not take them but in an ideal world I would not need them either. I have not remained free of UTIs but have had much fewer. Good luck if you decide to go ahead.


Thank you for your replies - that is helpful.


I was on a low dose antibiotic 10mg a day I to kept having UTI’s and they can really knock me off my feet they begin when I started to have to self catheter I was still on them for the first year while on Tysabri I came off them through choice of my own (I to hate taking tablets) but with MS I just had to be doing with It.

I’ve had about 2 UTI’s since but thats been in the space off over 2 years I’m just getting over 1 now but touch wood it really hasn’t been that bad.

I’m on Tysabri since August 2008 and 2 UTI’s in that time isn’t to bad :slight_smile:



I’m on a daily dose of Nitrofurantoin. It’s not completely stopped the UTIs, but it has helped. I get on find with it and don’t notice any side effects. If you do find you react to one you can always swap to another one and see how you get on with it.


Hi Moira. I’m on prophylactic antibiotics for recurrent UTIs. Cephalexin, Pivmecillinam and Nitrofurantoin. I’m supposed to rotate them every 3 months but I never make it to 3 months without getting a bad UTI that requires a treatment dose! Nitrofurantoin is useless but so far the other 2 have been effective. Recently been discussing with the pharmacist about resistance to antibiotics so I’ve stopped my nightly dose. DISASTER! 2 bad infections in 2 weeks! How long have you been regularly using the 250 dose Cephalexin? Any thoughts on it becoming useless?? Thanks, Gillian.