permanent uti

hi everyone, sorry for the anon. I am having a lot of uti s (I do isc)and I don’t know what to do. I hadd a really bad infection last year, I collapssed and had to be rushed to hospital cos they thought I had had a stroke! Since then I seem to have one uti after another. Last week I took yet another urine sample which I knew was infected (smelly and cloudy). He said it was a problem with isc, and he said I might have to have a permanent low dose antibiotic.Is this normal?


Hello anon

Have you been havin a lot of problems with actually doing the isc

Some women have a problem trying to locate the correct opening, transferring bacteria.

Being prescribed a low dose antibiotic as a prevention, is a good move. You won’t be the first or last person, that this has happened to. I’ve never used one myself but I’m a qualified nurse and do know this to be true

Take care

I am finding theisc easy, and I am eing as clean as possible (antibacterial soap and fresh hot water) so I don’t think thats the problem

anything else?

Perhaps you need to understand, that bacteria is often present in urine with no symptoms. Infection is usually prevented through the bladder, providing a “washing out” mechanism by normal emptying. Obviously, people using isc bypass this, allowing bacteria to enter and remain in the bladder.

That’s why a low dose antibiotic is being suggested…my head is hurting now lol

Hello Lynne43

No one is quetioning your hygiene Lynne…I promise.

Hi anon I used ISC for over 10 years and latterly I had infection after infection. I think I had over 10 courses of antibiotics. I eventually agreed to see a urologist and he immediately found a bladder stone. He said the infection would never clear as it sticks to the stone! Long story but because my mobility is so poor I now have a supra pubic catheter fitted and so far no infections!!! I took a low dose antibiotic every night for years, I think it’s quite common. I had a bladder scan and the stone was picked up immediately. Maybe worth requesting a scan. Take care and hope you get some relief soon Linda x

I do ISC several times a day and am permanently on a low dose antibiotic. I think this is quite common! Teresa xx

Hello hun.

Last year I had both chronic retention and urgency! I didnt know I wasnt emptying fully and had one long uti from Jan to July…(anti-biotics just wouldnt shift it!) .when I had a suprapubic catheter fitted…no more infections.

SPC does sound drastic, but if it solves your utis, what do you reckon?