Urine results - strange

Hi all,

Hubby has ISC catheters once a day and he has been uti free for 8 months. I took the urine sample along to be tested as it was cloudy and the results came back just saying change catheter. This request seemed odd as the catheter itself would not have given him an infection and changing it to another make would not make a bit of difference. Our procedure which we do together as hubby has tremors in hands is very hygienic but alas some bugs obviously make their way in. As well as hubby not always drinking enough.

Have you ever been told to “Change” your ISC catheter?



heya…gosh that is odd…cloudy urine could be as its concentrated re fluid intake…ie not enough…but if it smells a bit off then there could be infection…it is odd they have requested to change catheter…could it be that they assumed he has an in dwelling permanent one? As opposed to the ISC aspect? I would contact them to clarify…maybe speak to practice nurse who can look into this…sometimes bateria may be in the urethra and inserting the catheter could transmit some into the bladder…and combined with less fluid intake…could cause a UTI…if youre not happy in a few days re urine then I would take another sample in…and try and fill the tube as they like a fair amount to play with in the lab…lol


Hi Scoobie,

Yes the sample I took in last week Friday did say positive for infection so he is on Ciprofloxacin for a week then back to 1 tablet of cefelexin at night as a propholactic…(Can’t spell). The gP will be phoning me shortly but yes I think they think he has as indwelling catheter.

ahh ok.great re anti biotics…I am on nitroforantoin 100mg at night for profilactic use…(cant spell either dont worry…cant see well…lol)…so thats good…try and get him to drink more…esp as hes on antibiotics…help flush the system out, also once hes has finished the course…he may benefit from lots of probiotic yogarts or those drinks actimels etc…as the antibiotics will kill all the batcteria in the body…even the good ones…in the gut etc…so youll need to replenish those to keep the immune system ok…hope the gp can shed somelight re catheter etc…x

Scoobie Thanks,

Sounds like your system is our system.

Hubby loves those Actimel drinks so yes he is good there and he also has Cranberry tablets and i will make sure he keeps drinking if I get a funnel and do it myself.


Still waiting for GP