Pseudomonas found in Urine

Well hubby and I both do the ritual of ISC at night and on Wednesday night we noticed the urine was cloudy. Thursday morning a fresh sample was taken to GP and tested in surgery and also sent off. Today the results said Pseudomonas was found. Luckily the Ciprofloxacin we have started is ok for that nasty bug which apparently comes from feaces. How on earth would that get into his bladder? We are so careful and clean when we catherterise.

Hubby has started swimming in the last 3 weeks and I wonder whether it can be picked up in the swimming pool. Having said this he always has a shower prior to ISC. I hope the antibiotics work as I know this is a bug which can be very hard to treat.


Hubby finished the antibiotics but today has come down with a chest infection temp 39.1C and an ambulance was called. He has been admitted.

So sorry to hear your hubby has been having a rough time. Hopefully while in hospital they can clear up everything for him with IV antibiotics.

Dont forget to look after yourself while he is in hospital,with all the worry and rushing too and from the hospital its very easy to miss sleep meals and drinks.

Keep us up to date.All the best to you both,