An unexpected UTI


I do Intermittant Self Catheterisation. A couple of weekds ago I went to catheterise, great trouble getting it past the sphincter next to my bladder and I ended up passing a bit of blood and no urine.

To cut a long story short I ended up at Watord General hospital at 3 in the morning. I was discharged 12 hours later, all they had done was inserted an indwelling catheter and I now drain my bladder using a flip-flop switch . They wanted to do an Cystoscopy to see what was going on but could not find a slot for me. I now have an appointment at Hemel Hempstead in a couple of days, hopefully the indwelling catheter will be removed.

What I did acquire was a UTI and an separate infection linked to the catheter/urethra and I’m sure it happened while in hospital, I discovered these two facts about 5 days after discharge. I have kept a diary of the events and will write to PAL at Watford after the Cytoscopy. A UTI is very bad news and I’m not impressed

Can you think of a better way to handle the whole episode



I used to get loads of infections when self cath and ureatheral now suprapubic I dont get any well two in 20 months so I recomend suprapubic catheter. DON


It’s possible you may have had a UTI first, and that was why you couldn’t get it in yourself. I can often find if I have a UTI then it can be a pickle to insert a catheter. Has a urine sample been tested yet? I’m surprised they didnt send a sample off when you were in hospital.


As opposed to a urine infection that you expected, I smiled when I read the title, sorry just my stupid sense of humour…

I must say I expect infections when I go to hospitals they are full of sick people. Don

Hello he_funk ???& hoppity

When I went into hospital my bloods and urine were tested, no report of a UTI. I was prescribed Trimethoprim last week when I first reported the UTI but that did not work so just got a better bug blaster called Cefalexin, starting today

On Intermittent Self Datheterisation usually about one UTI a year. Might be put onto suprapubic catheter, dependsa upon the Cytoscopy tomorrow morning


Patrick my GP calls Cefalexin Domestos it kills all known germs. Trimethaprim never seems to do the trick.