Hi all,
After hubby having the Suprapubic catheter fitted on 2nd August and not yet had the new change until September I thought I would decided to test his urine from the catheter when changing to a new bag. It showed Leukocytes which I know will be there and also the dreaded Nitrites!!!. Why has this happened? It is not like he has been putting the catheter in and out like the ISC method. We are puzzled…
Do you think it is because the nurses said they do not have to clean the catheter site daily?
I have changed the dressings myself after hubby has showered as they were a little mucky and I couldnt let hubby remain in it.

He is now on Ciprofloxacin and only been on them 2 days and they are making his legs weak so we are stopping and starting Cephalexin tomorrow.



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The lab results showed that Pseudomonas was the bacteria found in the bladder.
The first SP change will be tomorrow and I can only think he got this because the district nurses were NOT changing the dressings and cleaning the site DAILY…I was told they were short staffed. Well that’s not good enough and I did changed the dressings myself a few times because of the discharge coming through the dressings. Hubby was always drinking plenty.

Hubby still on Ciprofloxacin until Friday and the last district nurse that came ast Wednesday said the wound does not have to have a dressing now. I clean the wound daily for hubby. He has a shower in the mornings and washes it and in the evening I wash with sterile water.

I have lost all faith in the local district nurses which really upsets us both. Thank heaven for the hospital Incontinence nurse for her help.


Hi Caz, just want to say that I hope things settle down for your hubby. You are good to attend to the wound yourself, in such a caring way. How would it have been if you hadn`t cleaned it?

I was offered an SPC after the in-dwelling one gave me so much trouble.

I read up on SPcs, but decided against it. So I am unable to give you advice or thoughts on it.

But there are several folk here, Campion (Frances) comes to mind, who will be able to give you the benefit of their own experiences.

luv POllx


I worked with a lady with one and for comfort we always put mepilex dressings on so her clothes didnt rub,she is however in a moulded chair with a permanent lapstrap.

The dressings are soft with just enough stick to remain in place but easily removed without causing pain.

Take care,both of you.


Any indewelling catheters carry problems and bugs. Your hubbies infection could of happened anytime. Its really impoetent to use aseptic techneque when changing a catheter and the DNs would do this. Its really importent to keep the insertion site clean and if it helps a dressing over the top. I hope the antibiotics have helped and your hubby is feeling better