Urine infection

Hello folks, ok, I was on antibiotics about a month ago because I had tonsillitis , that cleared up fine which was good. My husband has said that for about the last six months of so (maybe longer, don’t know exactly) that when he went into the toilet straight after me there was a strong smell of urine. He is right by the way, I noticed it too. It’s not that I had peed myself and it wasn’t something anyone else would notice (unless they went into the toilet straight after me). My husband says that the smell hasn’t been there since I took the antibiotics and he is suggesting that I had had a urine infection for the last few months which the antibiotics have cleared up. He’s right, the smell hasn’t been there. Do you think it’s likely that I had a urine infection, i wasn’t ill at all (other than the tonsillitis)? Would it be likely that I had a urine infection that lingered that long without being ill and if that was the case should this be something I need to look out for in future? Thanks Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl,

I don’t have much experience of this (yet!), but I do think it’s possible to have a UTI with few or no symptoms, yes.

Offensive or unusual urinary odour might be a clue. And it does seem strange that it cleared up when you had the anti-b’s.

I’m not sure what the consequences might be of leaving it untreated, if there aren’t any symptoms anyway. Something tells me it wouldn’t be good, but I’m not sure precisely why.



Hello Cheryl,

Almost definitely a UTI (Urinary tract infection). Yes the antibiotics you were on may well have cleared it up or reduced the infection. Get urine sample tested by local GP surgery nowne the less

If urine is ever smelly or cloudy then go to GP Also if you pee very little but very often then once again get urine checked.

Its quite helpful to drink lots of water though beer might help.

Hope that helps



lt does sound as if you had a uti - so do take a sample in to the docs and get it tested. lf it is not treated it can lead to kidney problems. Some people with uti’s can get quite delirious. l know if l have eaten asparagus - that makes urine really smell. l went to a Asparagus Night at a lovely cotswold pub - we all ate large platefulls of it. The loo’s were outside in the yard - and the stench coming from them was horrendous. A night to remember!

As Patrick advises - keep drinking lots of water or though he prefers beer.



I have suffered from lots of UTI’s in the past and usually the first,and often the only sign, was the offensive smell. Usually after putting a specimin into surgery it was found to be an e-coi infection. After repeated infections I am now on a daily low dose antibiotic as repeated infections can damage kidneys and luckily I have been infection free for several months now.

I would agree that you need to get a specimin in and drink plenty of water.

Best wishes,


Hi. Everyones right, get a sample in asap! Cranberry juice 100% one is excellent. Ive got kidney probs & it works a treat!!! Dont leave it, infection could make you pretty ill Tracey xx

Hi Cheryl,

I would look at the colour, smell and whether its straw coloured and see through or whether there are grainy bits in your urine.

I eat lots of fish, so mine smells very fishy most times. I often get burning, but when urine is checked its fine? I sometimes think we can get all the symptoms - stomach ache, back pain and smelly urine and still not have a urine infection. Either way its always best to always get it checked out because leaving such would mean serious problems over a short period of time.

I now check my sons urine as I often notice niffs. He smiles but we can never be too careful can we. Our bladders suffering greatly through ms can retain lots of urine unbeknowing to us, so it makes sense we can easily pick infections up, stagnant urine etc.

Get it checked out C, even though you think you may have cleared up an infection with your previous medication. I still think gp’s should let us have strips to see if all is ok, but alas they wont allow it as yet.

Take care,