strong smelling urine

Hi All

Here I am again with bladder problems.

Does any one have strong smelling urine if their bladder doesn’t empty properly?

Many Thanks

Rosie x

It sounds like an infection to me. If I was you I’d drop a sample in at your GP to have it tested.

Sarah x

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hiya rosie

yes-i do. have only had 3 urine infections in 10yrs but urine is always strong smelling.

best to get uti clarified if present or not.


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My urine is strongly smelling most of the time. But then it is stored ina wee bag!

suggest you have a test chuck.


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Thanks all, will get it checked.


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Drink more water!



Mine is strong smelling, but it shows no uti. I often wonder why it is. I drink loads of water too.

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Healthy urine should look straw like and shouldn’t smell.

There are a number of possible causes. As Dr Geoff said, drink more water because you could be permanently dehydrated. Other causes are UTI, blood sugar issues or some meds can cause it.

If in doubt, check it out… is my motto


I swear by self testing. I buy Siemens urinalysis strips and test probably at least every couple of weeks. But the frequency is partly because I want to wee so much of the time and I want to rule out UTI. Basically I only have a UTI about once a year but I test all the time.

Certainly if you have unusual smelling urine, or cloudy wee, or signs of blood, or pain when weeing, get your urine tested at your GPs. But if they say you have indeed got an infection, check that they are / have sent your sample to the lab to check what the bacteria is. In the meantime take the trimethoprim or whatever antibiotic they prescribe for you, then check on the results of the sample (usually a week later because they have to ‘grow’ the bacteria) to make sure you are taking an antibiotic that the bacteria is responsive to.


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Sometimes mine smells of bacon. Am I even more odd than I think I am.


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The answer to that has to be either:

a) yes, or

b) no, you just eat a lot of bacon.