Constant internal vibrations

For the last week now I’m constantly being woke up in the night with constant internal Vibrations / buzzing … Legs /trunk of body Last night had electrical shock and vibrations in my head as well I thought I was going insane , kept checking my mobile and under pillow alert ( for my fire alarm / phone /doorbell I’m hard hearing ) In the day the vibration is in my legs and left foot but not as annoying as it is In the night !!! I’m also having the balance thing in my head … I’ve just recently had evoked potentials tests …which on the evening time I was experience blurry vision and slight double vision in my one eye so went To bed … I’m wondering if this test has triggered anything off I’ve not had the results but they have sent me another app. To go back for Soma sensory tests ??? I’m also awaiting results from brain MRI Any tips for something I can take or the vibrations their driving me nuts !! Any way HI everyone not been on for long time … But still in limbo Sue :))) x

I am getting the same internal vibrations too along with my legs feeling like jelly from the knees up. Its all making me feel really nervous, I too had my Evoked test last week.

I do not have any thoughts on a remedy but will watch your post for suggestions.


Hi Sue,

No, these vibrating sensations are a very typecal neurological symptom. They do not prove you have MS, but they are almost certainly part of whatever health issue you do have, and would not have been triggered by the evoked potential test.

It’s almost certainly coincidence. Most people are referred for tests when their condition is more active anyway (Nobody goes to the doctor unless something has been playing up!) so it’s not a complete surprise that, at the same time you are undergoing tests, you are experiencing worse symptoms.

However, stress might also be a factor. Some symptoms get worse or become more noticeable if you are anxious, so if you’ve got yourself wound-up about the tests, it could explain the apparent link. It still wouldn’t mean the evoked potentials caused your symptoms.

But it might mean your psychological state has made them flare up a bit.

There are drugs that might help, but your GP may well be reluctant to prescribe them, in the absence of a diagnosis. In fact, mine will still not prescribe even now I have a diagnosis - she still wants it to come from the neuro.

You could try ringing GP, or neuro’s secretary, and asking if there’s a possibility anything could be prescribed. It’s not strictly necessary to have a diagnosis first, if all you’re doing is treating symptoms.



My legs “buzz” constantly and have done for years. As Tina said already, it’s a pretty common neuropathic symptom.

I take pregabalin - it helps to keep the buzz down to a background noise level most of the time rather than the roar it is without the meds.

It’s definitely worth asking your GP if you can try a neuropathic painkiller. If the GP wants neuro approval before prescribing, give your neuro’s secretary a call and ask for help.

Karen x