Internal body vibration hi

Hi, can anyone help with constant internal buzzing arms and full body vibration. It is especially worse after cartrips. Also muscle twitches all over the left side of arms legs and torso. Am on pregabalin for burning back. Thanks

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Buzzing was one of my first symptoms back in 1989. I lived in London and I’d walk to the tube. When I was standing waiting for the train I’d get waves of buzzing going up and down my legs. Knew it wasn’t right but didn’t go to Dr. Diagnosed in 1998.

I don’t get twitching muscles, just the buzzing and numbness. Worse at night when I’m trying to o to sleep and I’m buzzing all over. I take amitriptyline now which helps me sleep.

Speak to your MS nurse or consultant.


Indeed, I thought I was going crazy at some point, my very first appearance of this symptom was several months before I was even aware I had a problem that I needed to see a doctor for.

I felt my right leg vibrating not unlike a phone would if it was ringing and was quite puzzled as to who could be calling me early in the morning, I reached to my pocket to get the phone out only to realise my phone was right in front of me on the desk, I looked at it expecting it to have some notifications on screen when I picked it up but it had nothing, I thought ‘did I imagine it?’ but no, while looking at the phone quite puzzled, I felt the vibration again, but the phone was inert, my next thought was that the vibration was coming from the floor, so I lifted my foot and used my other foot on the floor in the same spot, but now the vibration was coming from where my right foot was resting, at that point I felt the sort of emotion that I could only describe as the feeling you get when you realise ‘shit has hit the fan’.

I never had a recurrent event of the same kind until months later when I started having other symptoms (Double Vision, loss of balance, started to lose eyesight in my right eye) which led me to have an MRI scan, and the neurologist at that point in time revealed that I present with multiple lesions on my brain and spinal cord consistent with MS, and had me on a 5 day course of IV Steroids.

Haven’t had a single episode since then, but it’s a bit early to say it’s under any form of ‘control’, haven’t even the slightest clue what type of MS it even is, all I know is that ‘cats are on the loose in the house, and they’re chewing up my wires’.

Hello Tarka1 and ckasecret01

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Tarka, why not speak to your MS nurse if you have one. It might be that a low dose of something like Amitriptyline would help. Or Baclofen if your ‘twitches’ are deemed to be caused by spasms. You don’t actually say whether you’ve been diagnosed with MS, so my comments might not be too relevant. If you don’t have an MS nurse or a neurologist, try speaking to your GP.

ckasecret01, assuming you are definitively diagnosed with MS (and it does seem that you are at least 90% of the way there given the brain and spine lesions and the words of the neurologist), it would be the relapsing remitting type. I say this quite confidently because your symptoms cleared up, or ‘remitted’ with the help of steroids. It could be a Clincally Isolated Syndrome, but with multiple lesions and the words of the neurologist that’s less likely. Have a look at

It would be nice to think this is it, that the symptoms have cleared up and will never return. I do hope that’s what happens. It is possible (see diagnosis of CIS).

Assuming however that you are given the diagnosis of relapsing remitting MS, you should be offered a disease modifying drug (DMD) to reduce the number and severity of relapses in the future. Have a look at This gives you a good idea of what drugs are available for prevention of as many relapses as possible. Compare the relapse reduction rate with potential side effects to gauge the impact on life.

(btw, I love the phrase: ‘cats are on the loose in the house, and they’re chewing up my wires’)

Best of luck to you both.