Conned by my dog (Not MS)

I just took my little dog out for a walk on the mobility scooter. After about 10 minutes he started to limp, jumped onto the scooter and refused to walk. I didn’t see much point in taking a dog for a ride so I turned round and came home with vet bills swimming in my head. Back in the house and the little monkey is as right as rain. I’ve been conned!
Don’t get it though – he usually loves his walk and it’s a lovely morning, cold but sunny.


Thats one smart dog you got there Jane. Its sunday morning…he wants to take it easy lol

Were working in sync Jen lol…spooky

Could be he just stood on something sharp. Or just fancied a cuddle. Least he seems fine now so no emergency vet bills. Why is it animals are always hurting themselves on a weekend or bank holiday when fees are so much more expensive and your regular vet is never on duty?

I had a dog years ago who refused point blank to walk anywhere muddy - if there wasn’t a path she just put the brakes on and refused to budge. Strange really because she came from two working gundog parents - she wouldn’t retrieve either. Very embarrassing at dog training to have the only non retrieving retriever. Her whole attitude was “if you wanted it you shouldn’t have thrown it away”. They all have their little ways - despite her attitude to work she was the most affectionate dog I ever had.

Fancy having a non retriever retriever lol. Thank god we took out pet insurance…you should see the size of pebble our lovely dog swallowed off the beech a couple of years ago. We bring it out at parties lol, seriously though that was a very worrying time. I love my dog…he’s so big, gentle and cuddly…cheers me up when I’m sad.

That is so funny, dogs are smart aren’t they, obviously didn’t fancy a walk for some reason. Glad you have a nice day there, it is very windy here and it rained all yesterday and last night but gone off now. Cheryl:-)

Hi Jane

I think it could be the change in temperature, my cat keeps crying at me, going out and coming in, I keep telling him “it’s not my fault the weather has changed”,

I used to own a blind nearly deaf Jack Russell and she used to ride on my scooter till we got to the park, thus avoiding the boring bits she would run around the park quite happily, making sure I was close at hand then she rode home in style. They are clever.

Wendy x

I love dog stories - keep them coming!!


Hi, our little Lucy toy poodle, flatly refuses to walk when I am in my wheelie. same when i had the scooter. i always say, she is riding shotgun!

luv poll and Lucyx

well Chris you did ask…

The mother of the non retrieving retriever was the best obedience competition dog I ever had. she often won despite having me as her owner. One problem - scent discrimination - fine all articles except when it came to judges article for the retrieve. She would go out pick it up but would she come back to me - never - one scent of the air and she would fly straight to the judge and give them back their article. Clever girl but not quite what was required.

I also have lodging with me one African Grey Parrot. One day coming home from work I arrived to find the bin had been emptied. I said to dogs “Ok which one of you did this” the parrot said as quick as a flash “Purdey”. Poor Purdey got the blame for everything. He can tell all the dogs apart. One not so bright dog always dashes under the parrot cage whenever the parrot drops any food, expecting it to be on the floor not on the bottom of the parrot cage - without fail the parrot says “stupid dog”. He tells them to sit, stay, fetch all in the OH’s tone. Never a dull moment in our house.

Love that story Dinks…very funny :slight_smile:

Jane, This time of year lots of hedges have been cut - so your dog might have picked up something sharp on her pads - and it might have fallen off later when getting a well earned lift home. Some of the thorns off the hedge clippings have punctured my tyres.


Spent years trailing around obedience shows with my parents. And working trials. l remember my mum working with one of her rotts - and the trail had been left some hours earlier but the wind and rain had blown the scent off course. The dog followed the scent well - but knew she had to find 3 articles that had been left - as they were well off the original course - she decided to just pick up random objects to make up for the missing ones.

Mum used to do obedience displays at village shows etc. One thing she did was get her dogs to retrieve eggs - without breaking them. Mine retrieve eggs from the hens and ducks - but only to eat. They will pick up - very gently - injured pheasants/pigeons/and rabbits with myxy - and bring them to me ‘to make better’. lts times like this l wish they would just quickly despatch them as l can’t.

Hi Spacejacket

The obedience dog I mentioned was also a PAT dog and we had great fun visiting lots of places. At out doggie christmas party we used to have a sausage retrieve competition. Needless to say more were eaten than retrieved. My old obedience girl always won it. There was never a mark on the sausage, she always presented it to me although I have to say there was a fair amount of slobber involved! Said Purdey bought me the guinea pigs out of the garden pen. Always gently and never marked them but they did squeak a bit. We had to put a lid on the run to stop her picking them up for a cuddle.

Ha Ha. Dogs are cleaver. My jack russel, Patch, will not go for walkies in the rain. She just refuses. Not that i’m complaining mind you. If she needs to go out for a wee when it’s raining, I have to crry her outside, place her on the ground so she can go and then carry her back in again! Good job I love her so much, the little madam lol, love Bex xxx