Confused and waiting...

I am confused and trying to make sense of it all… hopefully people here can shed some light on what’s going on.

I am 33 years old, healthy female… I have 3 kids (8, 4, 20mo)… and in Feb of this year… was in a car accident. We hit black ice… slid off the road and hit a hydro pole. I was ok, but the truck wasn’t. Few minutes later… I was turned (still wearing seat belt) talking to the driver as I was in the passenger side that smacked the pole… and we were rear ended. This is where the pain started. My entire left side went numb. It felt heavy… fingers were tingly… loss of grip and pain in my neck. I was extracted in a neck and back brace on a board and sent to hospital by ambulance.

5 hours later… he releases me saying xrays and CT were ok. I will have a sore neck and back for a few days… take tylenol if i need it. Recommended i follow up with GP in 3 days. I go to the dr 3 days later… they look at me strangly and say to come back in a week for another follow up. I come back again… this one prescribes naproxen, a soft collar and says i have grade 2 whiplash. I see GP (was on maternity leave and they finally ordered a ‘stand in’ for her). He doesn’t like neuro exam in the office… sends me for an MRI, and neuro consult.

Get MRI done - go see neuro. Nice guy… older fella. He says ‘mri says that there’s small foci present on frontal lobes… but you’re a red head… that’s normal for people with fair skin’. How does that work??? Anyone ever heard of this?

Anyways… he sends me for flexion & extension xrays - and a bone scan. Bone scan shows increased activity in the same area the small foci were showing up on the MRI… coincidence?? I don’t know. It also showed bone spurring @ C2, C4, C5, C6 C7.

I still have problems with my left side. My arm hurts randomly… once it felt like it was being ripped off my shoulder. I get tremors and jolting in my hands/arm. My legs twitch at random times. I get a twitch in my right eye which drives me nuts… it comes and goes. When it starts… it lasts for about a week then tapers down… and goes away for a bit, only to return. I’m rediculously weak on the left… I have been doing Physio for 2 months now… and we spend more time trying to do trigger point release for the muscles than strengthening. My speech slurs at times… I forget words. I’m very outspoken… so this drives me nuts. I trip over my tongue. I now seem to bite the inside of my mouth… only on the left… so I had to stop chewing gum :frowning:

It’s hard to sleep at night… i was put on Gabapentin. I’ve been tapered up to 300mg 3 times a day. Wasn’t a fan at first… made me sleepy… felt drunk for the first couple days i was on it. I can function on it now… and it does dull the pain… but I can still feel the pain… when it intensifies… not much helps.

I have been scheduled for another MRI 24 August… they want to see if there is a variation from the last one that was done in March. I keep getting told ‘just heal… you’re fine’… but I don’t feel fine… and being sent for more and more tests doesn’t suggest that I’m fine.

I mentioned the insane pain in my arm… Neuro said it could be a warning sign to something and to keep an eye on how I’m feeling… sign of what? blood clot… heart attack… stroke???

Any thoughts?

Hi and Welcome,

I am not a doctor or anything but I am sure that your symptoms are all to do with the accident. My neighbour had a really bad skiing accident a few years ago as someone skied out of trees right into the left side of her body. She had all sorts of weird symtoms such as speech difficulties and twitches which were due to anxiety.Development of anxiety is very common following a car accident. Due to dizzyness etc she could not drive etc for over a year. All in all she was fully recovered in 18 months after a lot of physio etc.

By coming on to this site you are making yourself even more anxious. A large % of people will have wee areas of their brain with small foci etc so dont be worried about that in any way.

I hope this makes you feel better.

Take Care

Moyna xxx

Hi Amanda,

I’ve got to say, I agree with Moyna - this doesn’t sound like MS to me. I think it was caused by your accident, and even if it wasn’t, and there’s other stuff going on, that doesn’t sound like MS either! MS does not affect bone (well, people could have weakened bones after years of limited mobility, and/or multiple steroid treatments, but that’s a different matter). I’ve never, ever heard of MS being visible on a bone scan, and can’t think of any way it could even be possible. “Bone spurring” is also not an MS thing. That might be an incidental finding that is not actually related to your symptoms, but even if it did point to some underlying pathology unconnected with your accident, that “something” wouldn’t be MS.

I’ve never heard the “red head” thing - maybe true, maybe not. I guess the genes responsible for red hair might be linked to curious things within the body, but I don’t know enough to comment - sorry.

I do hope you feel better soon.