Flare from car accident

Hi to all, I was in car accident on Tuesday evening with hubby after We dropped grandaughter back home good job she wasn’t In the 4X4 at the time of the a I’ve well I’ve been bk to docs He’s put me back on tramadol and baclofen for whip lash back probe hurt my arm and ribs too already have Underactive and overactive bladder fatique which has worsened since Tuesday ECT so don’t know how this will effect me now is just making me feel worse now than I did before this happened. Any sugestions would be helpful. Dolphin-500.

hi dolphin

have plenty of rest and then another rest.

everyone feels rough after a car accident whether or not they have ms!

keep your doctor updated on how you are feeling

carole x

Sorry to hear of your accident. Hope you feel better soon.

luv Pollx

Hi, sorry to hear of your accident. really hope you’re on the mend soon. I had one last year, again non fault as someone hit me from behind. I relapsed almost straight away after. Think it must have been the shock to my nervous system and the upset over the accident. Keep your doctor updated and if you do go through any type of claim process, go through your own insurance. A lot of these companies have hidden clauses. Do you have an ms nurse? x