Not diagnosed with MS but worried

Hi all

This is my first post as I have just arrived home from my first neuro appointment. My story so far I was a passenger in a car last August and since then not been the same. Started physio in October 2014 for whiplash through my husbands insurance, which stopped in Jan 2015 since around late Feb I have been extremely tired and had what felt like a patch on my back of pins and needles. Since then I have had severe pains on left side, tingling in my right hand,tingling numb feet, dizziness, forgetfulness and a excruciating pain around my chest which was frightening this has only happened once and my GP signed me off work since August and sent me straight to A&E. I was told by a previous GP that these symptoms sounded like MS the Consultant in the hospital told me it was definitely not MS but I had to see a physio and have a MRI which I did but was told today by the neurosurgeon that she didn’t think it I need any surgery but need another MRI on my lumber and a Nerve conduction study. I think I might be worrying more than I should as I thought I might just need more physio. Just wondered if this is something anybody else has been through.

thanks Sardie.

hi sardie

car accidents can have long standing repercussions so the doctors will follow these up.

good that you will be having a lumbar MRI and nerve conduction study because this will help the doctors work out the best course of treatment for you.

ms is notoriously difficult to diagnose. i was lucky in a way because i was having a massive relapse around the time of my first neuro appointment which hurried things along for me.

you should tell your neuro of any new or changed symptoms. mention that the physio was effective and say if you noticed a decline after it stopped.

try not to worry - no do NOT worry because it achieves nothing!

good luck

carole xx

Thanks for the feedback Carole, Think since I have been to my first neuro appointment I have felt a lot more at ease as I know I am finally going to get some answers to whatever this maybe. As for the last post from anonymous all I can say is try not to think about things too much but if things are not getting better your GP will have to do something about your symptoms soon.

Take care xx

Quick update since having the nerve conduction studies I have been told that I have carpal tunnel syndrome and will probably need a little op i have had 2 MRIs and waiting for my next clinic appointment to review things. I have been getting what feels like cramp in various parts of the body and have been very sore afterwards. Due to go back my GP Friday and hopefully go back to work. Also my neurologist put in my letter to the GP that I have a negative Hoffmans Sign just wondered what this means and if anybody has any advice. Thanks in advance can’t wait to find out what is going on with this body of mine. Anonymous how have you been feeling