Concrete legs

Does anyone have the feeling of concrete legs. It’s not painful as such it just feels like I have had concrete injected into my muscles and it’s like it all the time. I am walking like a cyberman!

Hi my legs have started to feel really heavy and it feels like so much effort to walk. Hope you start to feel better soon Claudette x

That’s what it’s like but they feel almost rigid, it’s more annoying than anything. Hope you feel better soon as well Xx

Hi Nikki

My arms are like this at times. It feels like they’re made of lead and lifting them is such an effort. It’s like someones pushing against them.

My legs also feel stiff and rigid like the muscles v tight- I said to my partner this morning they felt like lamposts!

It’s horrible - hope you feel better soon



That’s exactly it reemz. I feel stupid when I’m walking because it’s so obvious. I don’t know what to say when people ask me whats up with them as I’m still in limboland Xx

Yep I know the concrete less well.

If people ask, just say you have a neurological problem and your legs and brain talk different languages sometimes and not others.

That is true whether it has a label or not.


With ya!

Often get concrete legs and arms (especially if I’ve over done things recently) but also at a bit of a loss as to how to explain it to others who ask about it as also in limboland.

Usually end up mumbling about ‘some strange problem with my spine causing me a few problems’. Saying ‘I might have MS, but then again I might not’ doesn’t really work as an explanation does it?


Hi I,be got the same tight knees ankles and tense muscles. Losening a little now. I keep walking and massaging them has helped a little. Also have reflexology which helps me sleep. Docs given me a all dose of diazipan to take as a when. To be honest I don’t think it’s touching it. Keeping moving and positive is how I,m rolling at the moment as still in limbo land. MRI with contrast should be my last test now then should get some answers. Hope you all feel better soon x x x

I get stiff legs, but it’s the heaviness which is strange . They feel solid but when I feel them they are soft.i also get tight band feelings around my knees. Let’s hope we all feel better soon

Hi Nik,

Loving the cyberman referance! I love Dr Who.

I get this all the time in arms and legs. Did you see the video on the home page on here last month? They got a none mser to fill their wellies with sand and walk to the post box- so apt :slight_smile:

Sarah xxx

Today, it is 90 degrees, however, I am in the shade & there is a breeze.

I was planting flowers for hours & fell asleep in a chair, in the shade.

When I woke up to go inside & up the stairs to the kitchen, I could barely get

to where I needed to be at the time. I am resting now but can definitely relate

to the feeling of concrete legs. It was really terrifying the feeing I had and

completely understand the feeling you had known as “concrete legs.”

Hope you are feeling better. I’m getting there, slowly but surely!