Coffee enemas

Hi all, Has anyone tried these. They have health benefits as well as cleaning out bowels and help to get you going. MOYNA xxx

Hi Moyna,

No, I haven’t tried, and I would be extremely wary of this, to be honest. Caffeine, despite being completely legal, is a potent drug. (Have you ever seen the spiders’ web pictures?) To be blunt, squirting it up your bum could result in much more rapid absorbtion into the bloodstream than taking it orally, and caffeine poisoning IS possible. I would have no wish to experiment with this whatsoever - and I love my coffee!



Hello Moyna

I have heard of them but never felt the need to try them. Given a few enemas when I worked on the wards.

Personally I can’t see the point of bowel cleaning unless its for medical reasons. A good varied diet with plenty of fruit and veg should hopefully keep the bowel in good order.

Having said that I do get constipation from taking codeine, for which I take movicol. Much easier drinking then squirting something up your bum…in my opinion.


Yes, I have done a coffee enema before. They are very cleansing on your liver but you have to be careful as they can sometimes be a little too cleansing and can make you feel a bit peculiar. I tried it once and I think it was too much for my liver. I spoke with my colonic therapist and she said to maybe avoid coffee and stick with plain water or garlic enemas. Don’t worry about the caffeine thing, doing a coffee enema is VERY different to drinking coffee. If you want instructions on how to do a garlic enema just PM me or google it. Enemas are great for your general health so I think it’s great that your going down this route. Best of luck! X

Oh and ps, you need to use the best organic coffee you can get your hands on x

Is this a variation of the process that involves an Indonesian Civet Cat?

Thanks for all your replies. Sorry whammel can’t answer your query. Moyna

Just be careful moyna! Your risking damage to rectum and bowel doing this kind of enema. X


Is this a variation of the process that involves an Indonesian Civet Cat?

[/quote] This is supposed to be quite the best coffee!!! - The coffee beans are eaten by the Civet - and then gathered when they make their way out the other end. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Think l will stick to my Bellarom Espresso 100% Arabica - from Lidl - the best coffee l have ever bought. Used to be 99p 200g tin now it is £1.99. Couple of mugs of this will get you running to the loo.

Saw a tv prog about a health spa in Thailand - and they did coffee enemas. A bowl of chopped dates/figs/prunes/linseeds/yoghurt/honey will do the trick. Just keep off bran - as it often does the opposite and bungs you up. lt gets into all the twists and turns of the bowels and sets like concrete.

Thanks for the tip about Bellarom Espresso, as I am very partial to a good cup of coffee (by mouth).

Whammel - l can’t stand any of the instant coffees - and real coffee does not take much more trouble to make. l was at a service station on the M25 - recently - and daughter and l had a coffee at Starbucks. lt cost over £6 for two - and was disgusting.

Now my local Waitrose - nice small supermarket this one. And everytime you shop you can have a free coffee - and it is very good. l have the latte - and it is good and rich flavoured. Take it back to the car and sit and enjoy. l find the caffeine helps with fatigue as well as aches and pains. l have noticed that some ‘over the counter’ painkillers have caffeine added.

Lidl’ Espresso is equally as good as Lavazzo - and other expensive blends. Friend bought me a tin of ‘Rich ltalian’ blend from Betty’s Tea-rooms Harrogate. Have not tried it yet.

Think it is time for another coffee break!!

I couldn’t agree more (all of it) and a couple of double espresso’s definately put a spring in my step, which is just the sort of excuse I need. There is a packet of Lavassa (about £2.80 from Ocado) sitting in my cupboard awaiting trial, so good to know that’s decent stuff too.

Enjoy your coffeee break.

I love my coffee, but am a bit old-fashioned about which end I pour it into. Alison

Next time a friend pops round for coffee, I will make sure I ask how they would like it.

Why don’t you ask in Starbucks??!!