Clutter clutter everywhere

Hi, my first post !

I’m finding life really tough at the moment. I’ve moved to a newly renovated bungalow and sold my house. I was hoping that life would improve significantly with new projects to enjoy and simplier easier daily living.

I’m really sad + angry with myself because this is not how life is now. I’m overwhelmed by clutter and lack of organization - all has reasons why it happened that way, but major reason that it has stayed that way is my lack of ability - physically to sort it out.

It’s all muddled in with increasing difficulties with all aspects of life

Does anyone out there have any ideas how to effectively manage this problem.

Eeee Sylv!..I`ve just spent some time de-cluttering and tidying all my stuff in the conservatory. My hubby has a man cave (garage) and I have my woman cave!!!

In there I have 2 x 4 tier plastic drawer sets, that house things like, make up, CDs, DVDs, haberdashery items, hospital letters, greetings cards and then I have 2 large boxes which house medicine, catheter kits, scarves, shoes and my clutch bag collection…I must stop being a magpie and give up buying so much!!!

I also have 2 shallower boxes and one houses all my catheter bags, t`other has scarves, gloves and furry hats!

Sounds like tons, and I guess some would say it is, but I managed to throw some stuff and bundle other bits for the charity shop.

Our bungalow doesnt like a lot of clutter, or it can turn it moudly and smelly. I have had to remove the lower drawers in our wardrobes, as things did go off. I reckon it must be a bungalow thing. It never happend in 2 storey houses!

When I`d sorted stuff this morning, I just threw all the crap in a heap and hubby took it away for me. He has a log burner in his man cave, so some stuff got burned.

So, what about plastic storage boxes to house your stuff?

luv Pollx

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Set yourself one area a day and if it doesn’t get done don’t beat yourself up about it , do it another day when you feel more able. I try to say if I haven’t used or worn it in the last 2 years do I still need it no get rid bin or charity bag .

Having to clear out my parents house after they passed made me think why did they keep all this stuff to collect dust just for us too get rid of without knowing why they kept it .

Don’t look at it as a chore look it as going back too some old memories good and bad ones .

Try and have some fun with it and take care .



Yes - a good idea Poll - I got packing boxes and individual plastic boxes but sets of plastic drawers would be much easier to manage. Feels a bit like I’ve been trying to sort myself out for years now - just have got overwhelmed now. It bothers me because it saps my energy - and that energy is limited + precious.

It feels really good to get your support and realise that you understand

Cheers Sylv xx

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That’s a good idea - I’ll definitely try to enjoy it more . We had brought up a load of stuff for my Mum [ who was going to move to a sheltered flat nearby] Sadly - she died suddenly in January and never was able to make the move.

All the more - it makes me realise that I need to streamline the clutter which is just stopping me living right now

Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

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obsessive compulsive cleaners - have you seen it on telly?

i could do with them to come round here!

at my best i’ve never been house proud but now i despair!

carole x

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Hi Sylvia can you afford to employ someone to help you? I really think you have to be brutal in what you keep and throw way. Do one room at a time and only keep things you have used in the last year. I have a couple of files for my household paperwork, DWP, tax stuff etc it keeps everything together and tidy. I keep no more than six cups, mugs, plates etc. If I needed more then I’d be having visitors so they could bring their own crockery When I packed my house up to move into a 2 bed bungalow I counted 16 towels! I live alone and don’t need 16 towels. I was very strict and threw or gave away loads of excess stuff.

Best of luck

Jan x

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Hi, you made me smile. I moved 8 years ago and I still have stuff in boxes. My son says I am a hoarder, I tend to disagree but hey ho. Disability or not I will always have half my life in boxes LouLou x… Ps that said I do hope you do in time get settled and enjoy your new home.

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Yes, I’ve been thinking about that - someone to help. I’ve been a bit resistant due to my shame and wanting to to it myself.

It’s making me more isolated and depressed because I can’t easily find the stuff I need for the simplest things like getting dressed.

Perhaps, also, now that a lot of stuff has been given away - I can start afresh, with some help, to focus on organising myself in a more functional way - clothes where I can reach them , papers in files, recycling station etc

I am really grateful to you and all the replies - more so than I can really explain - just makes me feel a little more connected and less mired in my own little world of frustration

Thx S xxx

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yea! not house proud either! defo not clean tho’ and think I need to clean up before ‘cleaners’ could come.

Pissed off because it feels like the only thing that I’m doing - sorting through stuff -with no end in site - and I just need to have that energy available to do other things.

I think I need to refocus and get whatever help I can to make routine basic tasks easier .

Thx S xxx

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Thx LouLou



S xxx

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hi sylvia

just click on someone’s user name then on send message and voila!

i’ve just done that and sent you a message.

carole x

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i’ve been signed off work for 2 1/2 months now. My wife, who works, suggested that we make a list of things I am able to do whilst the kids are at school and whilst she’s at work. I’m slowly working my way through the list, attacking the smallest and easiest things first. Some days, I just don’t feel able to do much, if anything; other days I just can’t be bothered; other days I feel good and actually make some progress. I always try and look for little victories.

Hope this helps.



I remember chucking out an unopened tea chest (when that was what you got for packing!, so years ago) I have never missed whatever was in it. Also remember the movers packing a box with already junked wire coat hangers, had to pay for that extra box too, (forces move,from Cyprus to UK), postings definitely focus you on only keeping what you need, you’re only allowed a certain number and size of tri wall boxes! obviously kit takes up a good bit of that, I seem to remember…just how many ear defenders do you actually need?, counted 15 pairs at one time, not mine I will add!

Alison x


Hi, each little victory is a huge boost to our mental health…cheers Derek for pointing that important fact out!

Hope you`re getting trough each day…busy, tired or just relaxing.


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Sounds like I need to get more radical !!!

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Yes, lists is what I’ll do ! It’s a good way of focusing as well.

Being positive would also help me - rather than being so very frustrated and negative about myself.

I had a little victory just starting to talk online here - the replies have really cheered me up

Thx Derek

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Lol! Never thought of forces life as radical, but having to pay extra for stuff you don’t need to be moved (you do get a certain amount free, they’re not that bad) only had one item broken on return, but that was a TV stand that was an integral part! thankfully had insurance! I

Oh please Derek, don’t give that idea to my husband. He has a tendency to ask what ‘tasks’ I have to do as it is. I write my own lists of things to do, but I don’t want him to provide me with one.


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my wife has always moaned about my lists. She tends to take a more zany approach, ie thinks she has 20 things to do, starts about 10 of them, finishes about 2 of them and spends more time moaning about not being able to get anything done. If she spent more time starting and finishing stuff, she would get more done as she wastes loads of time preparing stuff, then not finishing things, putting stuff away.

she never comes on here, so I can basically say what I like without any fear of retribution!