Chronic Fatigue :(

Been signed off for another 2 weeks from work and the doctor is alarmed and actually expressed worry that I have developed/noticed new symptoms I’ve never had before. She’s pulling me in for another massive examination and said there might be another referal to a specialists despite a neuro appointment in about 6 weeks.

The issue I’ve got is the fatigue. I could sleep 18 hours a day and have no issues sleeping at night. Currently, the spasms in my joints and the “restless leg” feeling has been keeping me up. Despite taking amitryptyline 10mg at night I am left pretty much bed bound for the day. Just going up and down the stairs twice is enough to tire me out for the day and the next! In two weeks I’ve been off I’ve only gone out for more than 15 mintues three times. All but one I had someone with me.

I’m aiming to do one small thing a day, even if it is just to the corner shop 5 mins away. But is there anything else I can do to help it? Taking low dose amitryptyline isn’t helping, been taking vitamin D and B complex and even taking glucosamine and chronditin, but to no help.

Thanks x