Fatigue and Me

Looking for info and advice.

I was diagnosed about 6 years ago and told I had Sensory MS. I had one instance of optic neuritis and discomfort in limbs which gradually increased. I had never suffered overwhelming fatigue but over the years I tired more easily and needed more rest. In December I reduced my hours to 24 over 3 days. Worked life balance restored. Then I got a cold. This was beginning of Feb. At the same I was changing from Pregabalin to Duloxetine for sensory symptoms. It was like I never recovered my energy after the cold and I got progressively more tired no matter how much rest and sleep I got. Then I hit empty and just couldn’t go on. My GP signed me off for 2 weeks. I then developed another cold. I think this explains me hitting empty but my cold is better now and I’m not. The week before I was signed off and developed 2nd cold I’d had an MRI to look at progression as it had been six years since first. This showed little progression and nothing active in brain. Good news but doesn’t explain my increasing fatigue. Neuro & MS nurse think Amitriptyline at night might be affecting me in daytime. I had increased my does as initially had sleep problems after first cold. Now back to 30mg which is dose I’ve been taking for years.
I just don’t understand how fatigue works. Can fatigue get worse without progression in brain? Could it be that my cold(s) exacerbated my fatigue? Could it be that this is the New Me? I will reduce the Amitriptyline down to 10mg or zero if I can still sleep but worried this won’t get Me back to work. I may be panicking too early but I find it so hard not being able to do what I need to do. Any feedback would be welcome.

I know I’m lucky and could be so much worse off but half the time I feel like I’m a fraud but at the same time I feel too tired to think properly



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hi rona

to me, fatigue can only be eased by resting.

rip van winkle, that’s me!

it makes sense that we have fatigue because ms makes every single thing more difficult.

the concentration on staying upright - it’s tiring to concentrate all the time.

wish i had the magic spell but unfortunately i don’t.

carole x

Thanks Carole, I just find it difficult to accept I can’t do what I need to do. I want to be the old Me. I will just rest, recuperate and return to work at reduced hours. Thanks, Rona