Christmas Avatar Challenge


Requiring shepherds to watch their flocks without appropriate and flexible seating arrangements is a contravention of health and safety regulations and human rights. The provision of benches, stools and orthopaedic chairs is recommended. The angel of the Lord is also reminded that before shining his or her glory around it must be ascertained that all shepherds are issued with suitable eyewear conforming to British Standards for filtering the harmful effects of UVA, UVB and glory.

This is your fault Shazzie!

Well, I just thought I would add the seasonal poem

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I’ll stealing that one hun

JBK xx

Cute Santa JBK

My fault? You cheeky monkey. The fault is all yours and Jens lol.

I am gonna see if I can find a nice tiara to sit on my lovely new wig!! Hehehehe!!

Shazzie xx

This is fun!!!


Me and Jen are little innocents but you chucked me a challenge and I publicly accepted…must resist acting on impulse

Yes, such fun

That poor little dog and the wig. I can’t look at it without laughing

Sweet avatar Jen

Never mind the blame game - let’s keep laughing.


This is brill, I would join in but I’m too thick to work out how to do it!!! I’ll stick with the one I’ve got…the invisible hedgehog!!!

Cough up that bird NOW you bad cat

Hedgehogs cool isn’t he, keep losing him tho!!! Thanks C

Sorry, got a feather stuck in my throat!


Just popping out for an eye check

Come on guys!! Feel free to share your Christmas avatars, with seasonal Rhymes, poems etc attached…keep it clean Change them everyday if if you wish!



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So funny. I am really enjoying this. Jen your new avatar is sweet.

Geoff. Your cheeks look a bit swolen lol!!


What I meant to say is. I’m hoping you’ll share on this thread, so it will be like a Christmas blog!!

I had to join in on this light-hearted thread !

Holidays are coming! … Norfolk style …

My friend’s young daughter used to make me laugh. She would never let Father Christmas leave her presents in her bedroom because she didn’t want a strange man in there! Sensible girl

Tracey x

Hope this works, if not it’s a snowball. In a blizzard…

Bless! that is so sweet and yes! very sensible

Lovely little cat cherrylips