My challenge

My daughter’s church are putting a live nativity on a local farm, yes, using live animals!! I’ve been helping make the costumes and they’ve been very complimentary but to be fair it’s mainly just been tunics for the adults. I’m not an experienced seamstress but I enjoy doing bits and pieces.

I then received a message a few weeks ago with a picture of a dog wearing a very ridiculous camel jumpsuit. I was challenged to make something similar for a goat. Apparently the farm doesn’t have a camel which is an important addition to a nativity, but they have lots of goats - oh and the outfit has to be adjustable to fit a variety of goats as they have a short attention span and one won’t last 10 shows.

Where do you start? I made a suitably large dog coat and 'built a camel on top. And the goat’s horns are very useful for keeping it’s head in place. I was so embarrassed once I’d finished as it looked really pathetic but they’re over the moon with it. All I can say is thank goodness it’s over as I’ve had many bad nights planning and scrapping ideas. I wish you could see it but we can’t put pics on.

I’m very brain dead.

Cath x

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This gave me a laugh, I’m sat here trying to picture the costume it sounds wonderful.

A nativity using real livestock is very brave. Sounds like a scene from the Vicar of Dibly if you don’t mind me saying.

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Hi Cath

What a great idea having a nativity at a farm, fingers crossed the animals do their part to make it a huge success.

I take my hat off to you making a costume, my sewing stops at a button! Although I do lots of knitting and crochet as long as my hands will allow me. Wish we could see a photo.

Take care and stay warm.

Pam x

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Thanks guys. It’s been a laugh and a headache but now that I’m done there’s a sense of achievement too. What I didn’t know it’s that although tickets are free, any donations people are willing to give go to the food bank. The church has paid for the bits they had to buy but all the work, animal training etc has been donated. There aren’t many people who do all this.