Charlie horse like pains and belly twitches

Do any of you ever get the feeling:

#1 Like you’re pregnant and there is a baby kicking in there?

#2 Charlie Horses in your stomach/ side/ etc… I can just reach for something or go to tie my shoes and with no rhyme or reason, I’ll get the most God awful CRAMP/ SPASM in my lower abdomen, side, pretty much anywhere in my belly area. ALL I can do is wait it out, usually lasts 20 sec to a minute and disappears.

ANYONE else? Have any of you that have ever experienced this got an answer as to what in the world it is??

Thanks again =)

Might I add that I am not STRAINING when this happens =) I am 5’5 and 130 lbs, pretty decent shape =)

Yes, I do. Never really worked out what was causing it: steroids caused ulcers and a lot of inflammation, but I was still getting the stomach cramps once they were gone; finally diagnosed as IBS, but my neuro said that it would be my MS sending faulty signals to the digestive system. I take omeprazole and spasmonal forte to deal with it.

You should see a gastroenterologist and get it checked out properly. (Btw, some gastro conditions can cause neuro symptoms.)

Karen x

This is very strange, I dont have MS I have Basilar Migraine however some of the symptoms are very much like MS…anyway I was at a friend’s house at the weekend we had food pasta and salad…Within mintues I was in agony with terrible stomach cramps, and had to go to the toilet. The pains were so bad I had to go home. Just got in and I was sick.

The next day I was the same, very strange!!!