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Stomach cramps & IBS

Hello all,

I am yet to have a full diagnosises of MS however I have CIS. I don’t want to contact my Neurologist for something not related but wondered if you guys could help?

3 night in a row I have been woken up by really strap stomach cramps and although I didn’t feel I needed to go to the toilet I went and (sorry if TMI) had quiet bad diarrhoea (but soft not completely liquid🤦‍♀️) and today I’ve had 2 lots of stomach cramps all the way around middle area of my stomach. I don’t know if this is more ibs related then MS just I’ve had IBS for awhile but never had this awful cramping sensation.

The cramping is like you’d get in your calf muscle when you can’t get rid of it but obviously in the stomach area.

I don’t know what to do whether to leave it as I’ve or contact my Neurologist and see?

Thank you in advance. X

Hi I have IBS didn’t use to get cramps and pain but I do now think it’s because I get stressed so I try not too, last time I got pain so bad thought I would have to go to hospital because the pain was so bad and I get really bad nerve pain! started doing mediation every day feel so much calmer