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I’ve really had enough of the admin at the national. My gp has given me a referral for another hospital , wondered if anybody has experience of guy’s?

May I ask what kind of admin problems you’re having at the moment with the National? I’m under the care of neurologist at that hospital and have had my appointment changed twice by them now with no explanation. Was supposed to be August, had a letter saying changed to September, hen had another latter saying changed to December. I was really annoyed.

Started in February. Had an appointment with doctor and my scan hadn’t arrived. Told to come back in March and try not to worry in the meantime. Spent 3 weeks on the phone to consultants secretary to confirm appointment only for her to ring 2 days before to apologise for her mistake as it was on my notes all along. Diagnosed in March and referred to 2 other departments. My gp was not informed of diagnosis for eight weeks one week after I had started dmt. Eight weeks after this I received a letter saying I should have had a follow up a month before. I ended up in relapse clinic where I was told that no referrals had been made. E- mailed admin who confirmed this and said that a nurse would re-do these. Telephone follow up last week after relapse and referrals still not done since March.

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I’ve had a similar bad experience with the care of my mother at East Surrey Hospital, I wondered if there was a new computer system - as a part of the top down reorganisation of the NHS - that wasn’t working.

Care coordination was poor following her bowel cancer operation, she didn’t get a follow up appointment, and the GP was not in the loop. So your awful experience might be due to NHS policy changes, and an attempt to replace human beings with a centralised computer system that doesn’t work.

We also had a bad experience with the 111 service. Total crap! If you feel ill take yourself to A&E, don’t bother with spending 40 mins on the phone to 111 to be fobbed off with “take a paracetamol” whilst you’re dying of undiagnosed cancer!