changing appointments

Hi everyone my hubby is still under the hospital for his M S/ care here in sheffield and get an appointment about every 9 to 12 months but see M S nurse at out reach supposedly in between. We always use the telephone to re arrange if appointments clash due to hospital delays etc. But have notice a few rather nasty persons/letter/correspondence in regards to clinic appointments

We have been attending clinics right from diagnosis 2009 and have always attended even though they were at different venues and times that would suit a fully mobile person due to parking/ should we say lack of it. A couple of his out reach appointments we were miss directed/ and sent us to the wrong place. No one says sorry.

We were frowned upon only to crawl away feeling neglected so when my hubbies appointment came only 1 week before the date were we had numerous other conflicting appointments I rang to rearrange over the telephone.

Due to the late ness of their appointment we still got the automated call about confirming the attendance date. As you can guess hubby said no only to be advised by the automation we could not attend as cancelling meant discharged.

Panicked I rang the clinic appointment desk only to be advised not to worry about what the machine said, Then today we received the conformation of new appointment with the nasty words if we cancel again we will be discharged.

Don’t understand why? changing appointment should be allowed.

Has any one else had this little issue from the wonderful Hospital?


Hi, a couple of years ago, I got a letter discharging me from my hospital neuro, for missing an appointment. I was sure I hadnt missed…I know how important these appointments are and it is only common courtesy to let people know if you cant attend.

So I did a bit of digging through a my paperwork and there was the answer. The hospital had got it wrong by mixing dates./months/years up.

I rang the secretary at the hospital…got nowhere…rang appointments…got nowhere…got so worked up, I had a severe panic attack and hubby dialled 999, as i couldnt get my breath.

When the paramedics arrived, they immediately said I was having an epileptic fit! I was abe to tell them I was not epileptic and had been arguing with the hospital. They said I should have immediately told my Gp and they would sort it.

They did…it was sorted, but Id got myself all worked up over someone elses mistake!

So, how about you speaking to your GP surgery or secretary?

We can do without this hassle eh?

luv Pollx

Bless you Boudica, I just needed some else to say they had also been given the run around.

I might give the letter to the M S Nurse she’s should be the person who should be able to smooth over this issue or bring it up in her meetings etc.




i think they have a standard letter that gets sent out to anybody cancelling an appointment regardless of whether or not they were trying to arrange a different date.

red tape and all that

carole x

I don’t think you should be worried because I bet that this is just standard wording.

Over the past few years I have had LOADS of hospital appointments for different medical conditions and some elective surgery not just MS. These have been at a few different hospitals in England and Wales and quite a few of the letters have included a “use it or lose it” warning. I don’t think it has ever been personal. Hand on heart I have never forgotten an appointment or failed to turn up - I just have a fantastic diary manager/personal assistant/secretary (AKA my husband)

The NHS is very concerned about missed appointments and pretty much every clinic I have been to has posters and notice boards with a running total of how many appointments have been missed. The situation seems particularly bad where appointments are so far in the future (eg my opthalmology specialist would have me in for regular appointments 9 month or a year in the future so it is perhaps no surprise that people forget (and to be perfectly honest - looking at the age of some of the other patients in the clinic (I was by far the youngest) I would think that some didn’t make alive it to the appointment )

It is bang out of order that they give you no notice of a changed appointment though. My MS consultant has been very good at moving appointments forward to avoid delays but I always get told by a phone call from her secretary rather that by a letter.