strange but true

Hi I just thought I would up date everyone on my findings if you recall my hubby who has secondry progressive m s had a few silly appointments that seem to lead no where. Must say it all stressed us out no end. Any way to cut a long story short as advised I sent the letter of appointment to consultant secretary at Halamshire hospital. She inavertantly appologised and sent the wrong appointment to the desk of the department who sent out the affending letter hence another phone call.

I answered the phone to someone who said they where ringing from the hospital wanted to speak to hubby. no sign posting, no offer of whom. This was a person who does clerical work for the M S nurse or team, and advise an appointment at hospital. husband went into overload because thursday ment a day when we get messed around. When it came down to it clerical person wanted to arrange an outreach appointment, but did not understand the correct proceedure or computer codes.

Another appology at m s outreach clinic. person who’s dealing with m s nurse clinic is not converse with correct proceedure and clinic codes.

SHOCK! What on earth is going on with M S CLINICS.

Just thought I let you know we got to the bottom of the fantom appointment maker.