Help! to stop going mad

Hi everyone and especially those like myself who have just run themselves in a fit of rage (internally though). Can I ask if other M S sufferers are having a silly run around with their clinic’s? Last year while I was in the shower my hubby Steve who has secondary progressive had a queer telephone call from supposedly his consultant, spoke like him so hubby says. He asked Steve to come in to see him the next day for a chat. Went along no consultant in, no appointment, funny looks, after an hour of chasing notes that where sadly missing sent away with a kind off half apology.

Today we went along to a new appointment that came from the hospital letter headed to go and see a new clinic M S/epilepsy, we have been to this new clinic a few months ago but to see consultant about M. S.

Turned up no clinic, wrong clinic should have been out reach, receptionist not interested, strong urge to not strangle someone because Steve will be bad for days now his mood been off for a number of months. HOW do I deal with this flaw in communication? Do I just suck it up of more of just the same be glad for supportive thoughts. thanks for all your wonderful time to listen carolXX

I slept on it and come up with the only solution I know, so I have sent a nice letter to consultant/secretary with the appointment letter enclosed. Hoping his secretary can get to the bottom of who’s instigating the factious clinic’s appointments. Did not get angry just asked for her to look into and alleviate the source. Hopefully problem averted for the future. Carolx

Hi Carol

How strange. Well done for sleeping on it and not jumping in and screaming. If you cannot get any joy from the consultant/secretary how about trying PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service- at least that what I think it stands for). Each hospital has one and they can help with sorting all sorts of things from car parking issues to appointments and everything in between. Hope this helps.

Thank-you for that Dinks I will await responce from secretary and see what happens. But I can use your info if not many thanks. carolx