MS nurse called me at 8.30 tonight!

Hi people

Just had a call from my MS nurse at 8.30pm. He was lucky I slept most of afternoon and am still up.

He said he just wanted to get through the back log of work and didn’t think he would have time tomorrow, Now there’s dedication for you! .

Wendy x

Very rare Wendy!

Have you bribed him with chocolate to get preferential treatment?


As admirable as this is, it would have scared me silly! I’d have thought they’d found something sinister in my file, that had been overlooked, or realised they’d prescribed a wrong drug.

I got scared even when the GP surgery rang to say I forgot my umbrella, and another time to say I’d won the cuddly toy in a raffle. In general, when you get a call from the NHS, you don’t expect good news, do you?

Glad it wasn’t anything worrying - at least, I hope not.



Hi Anitra doctor’s receptionist left a message to say I needed another blood test in 4 weeks, 5 days after last one as results not right. Rang to book it and asked what was wrong. Told “nothing serious or the doc would have rang you” bot that comforting


First time on here for me. Saw MS nurse yesterday. Told I had secondary Progressive MS. I dont like what it is doing to my body both inside and out. How are other people coping?

He really is conscience and I do have a good relationship with him (purely platonic), he gave me some good old fashioned advice. The other nurse is on long term sick, meaning he had to do it all by himself, (home visits, hold clinics and take calls), I belive he also has to do some admin work since the Neurolical secretary’s hours were cut last year.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy,

Whats his name - can I have him too???


Hiya hun - can I suggest you start a new thread and then you can have us all to yourself. Welcome to the lovely world of MS

JBK xx