MS nurse hasn't returned my call :'-(

I built up the courage to call my MS nurse this morning but there was no answer so I left a message and I still haven’t heard from her. I’m really struggling with swallowing which is making me feel sick and my tingling weak hands are making looking after my children very difficult. Any advice please I’m really struggling and starting to feel very down :frowning:

Hi, you could her call again tomorrow bu I guess there is no guarantee she will answer then or phone back. Why don’t you see if you can get an appointment with your gp instead? Other than that, I think you’ll just have to hang in there, I wonder how old your children are. The only thing I can think is to try and do easier jobs while you are like this, I don’t know your children’s ages, but things like sitting and reading, watching tv, doing a jigsaw puzzle aren’t too labour intensive. As for other jobs can you make meal times easy by getting take aways, eating outs, ready meals for a few days. Any housework can wait. This doesn’t sound much help tbh, I think you have to just try and hang on in there. Cheryl:-) Cheryl

I have four of them, Poppy’s 7, Thomas 3, James 18months and Erin 7weeks. Gareth took the day off today and I’m hoping he’ll do the same tmw. I will call her again tmw, hopefully I’ll have more luck. I hate this, I feel so useless and I should be able to look after my babies :frowning:

I am very sorry Robecca. Please ring her again. MS nurses are a busy people, god luck RE x

Sorry Rebecca meant good luck Hun X

Sorry I am new here and I am trying to get used to this site first

No one is replying to me. Think I should leave now, my diner will be here soon (takeaway) Bye all x

Hi Rebecca I’m not suprised your struggling all your children are so young, it must be very difficult for you whilst in relapse. Upytupy has made some very good suggestions in her response. Other than that whilst it may not be of your choosing have you got any family (grandparents/aunties & uncles) that might be able to take the little ones for a couple of days so that you can get some rest. Try your MS nurse again tommorow or even the neuros secretary see if you cant get some joy there. Wishing you well & hope you get sorted soon Sue x

Verry sorry!

Does your MS nurse work full time? Ipswich Hospital has a MS Nurse but she only works in Neurology three days a week, might be that he/she will reply when then are next in.

When I have relapsed the last three times it has been the GP who I have gone to. He has been the one that prescribed the steroids. The first time he left a message for the m.s nurse but she didn’t return his call so he prescribed them without her say so and the following two times GP has not gone to them just decided that I need them so he was going to prescribe them and urged me then to keep the in the picture of how I was doing on them. It does sound like a relapse but try not to worry as it is common after childbirth and you must be even more tired with three other lil ones hun. When I was pregnant my neuro said I may relapse but not to worry as its common and is not a signal things are getting worse just due to hormones etc etc. I didn’t relapse but I was very well supported by family and I did sleep whenever Charlie did. Have you an emergency GP by any chance you could see tonight if necessary? Xx

Four children so young, I’m not surprised you’re struggling. Good that Gareth took the day off, I would try and speak to nurse or gp today. I really can’t advise anything else, thinking of you. Cheryl:-)

you need to ring the drs and maybe get a home visit,this isnt going to go away quickly,i know you want it to but it wont,you need to ring drs now,and tell them just how bad you feel, you need your husband to take a good few weeks off,so he can take over,with a lot of looking after the children,and also you, you need to rest up a lot now,you will make the relapse worse by trying to do too much,believe me i know,i have been where you are many,many times.

you also need to accept that you really do need some help just now, and it isnt going to come to you,you have to ask for it.

I’ve tried the neurologist, they said there’s no appointments so go to your doctors to get them to fax a letter so I am at 3 and I also asked them to contact me with any cancellations. Fingers crossed x