Champion (frances) this might interest you

Isn’t there a way to do a flush of mercury from your system? Like almost a flush through your system? Even though I’m not convinced about it all I’m still going to enquire at my gps to get a mercury level test - do gp’s do it or would I have to buy one online?

Just thinking about this issue and about people saying its an urban myth - it wasn’t so long ago that low vitamin d in relation to ms was thought to be an urban myth but now they are finding more and more evidence of it. A lot of consultants and doctors still say its rubbish and low vitamin d isn’t linked to ms etc etc (thankfully my doctors and consultants are pro vitamin d supplements) - yet a lot of people take vitamin d supplements even though there’s no proof or evidence that low vitamin d levels do anything. So wouldn’t that argument stand in line with the mercury argument?

To ‘flush’ chelate mercury from your system - Alpha linoic acid /flaxseed/ and chlorella. lf you google ‘how to chelate mercury from the body/brain’ there is lots of info.

One important point is NOT to try to chelate mercury if you still have amalgam fillings - as you would be drawing more mercury into the body. Mercury is in vaccinations/seafood/light bulbs - difficult to get away from it.

Asbesto poisoning is another topic. So many people still live in houses - schools - offices - factories where they are at risk of asbestos causing cancer. lt is recognised as a danger - and many cases of compensation have been paid - not that money is going to bring back lives lost. And like mercury - extreme caution is needed to safely dispose of it.

I’m getting my amalgan fillings out - have to replace them as they both need replacing and chose to get white ones done. After that I will then look into the flushing mercury thing and see if it makes any difference

Yes, Poll, me!

And to make it quite clear on one side of the argument - I have never had a filling in my life (go figure).
And for the last half of it, I have never had a tooth in my head either.

The diagnosis remains RRMS.


Doctor Geoff - quick question do you take vitamin d supplements?

Quick answer, Karina - yes.


think there might be more than one way to activate MS. Im not sure i believe in the dental fillings theory coz i dont have a single filling to this day, got diagnosed last year


But if the theory of mercury is right then you would have all had mercury in your system - fillings or not. This would be due to everyone having childhood vaccinations which in the past carried a lot of mercury and also fish eaters as mercury is found in fish. The principal I’m trying to get at is that there has been no factual information to find that vitamin d is required for ms sufferers and no factual evidence as yet that low vitamin d level contributes to ms - yet everyone takes vitamin d supplements. So that is just a theory as well and also an urban myth if you compare like by like. There is just as much study for vitamin d as there is for mercury- I’m not talking just about ms I’m talking about a variety of illnesses

all the fillings i have were done after i was dx so got no oppinion on this one xxx

Karina is right. lts not just ‘fillings’ that contain mercury. We have all been exposed to it in different degrees. And the resulting damage is not always ms. The same with a vitamin d3 deficiency. ln Japan - in areas where fish is the main part of their diet - many babies are born with dreadful deformaties. A lot of the fish are contaminated by industrial waste getting into the sea. lt is mainly tuna they eat. Waste from industries gets into the waterways and the sea.

There is no way that the medical profession will ‘declare’ that mercury in fillings is dangerous - the back lash - and the litigation would bankrupt the country even more. The dental profession have nearly fazed out amalgam fillings - on the pretense that the white ones are cosmetically nicer. Which is good. But then we are encouraged to use those low voltage light bulbs that contain a dangerous amount of mercury. lf broken - they have to be carefully cleaned up and disposed of. Someone sent me a picture of someones foot after they had trodden on the broken bulb - l think it might have been a youtube picture - l will look to see if l can find it again.

Well l shall keep on with my vitd3 - and chlorella/spirulina and hope that l am doing some good for myself.

Since when?

Be careful about making sweeping statements, they don’t help the validity of your arguments.

Ok I will rephrase - everyone I have had contact with in here takes vitamin d supplements and that is a lot of people

Interesting this as I am sitting here with a numb face after having new fillings “installed” in 2 of my teeth after my old amalgam fillings started to crumble away.

It has all been my fault because I hadn’t been to the dentist for YEARS (8+ we reckon) and my teeth looked like something from a horror movie!!!. I only ended up going this time because a lump of tartar about the size of a grain of rice fell off and I thought that it was a piece of my tooth!!!

My new (and very lovely and gentle) dentist only does white fillings (even for the few NHS patients she still has on her books).

I mentioned the potential link with MS and she stated “yes, I have heard that too, but I don’t know and there are always a lot of theories flying about”

She says that she does white fillingss not just for cosmetic reasons but because, in her view, the amalgam ones may last longer but are more likely to weaken your teeth and make them crack and break. So you made need to get your white ones replaced after less time but there is likely to be much less damage to be repaired when you do.

I don’t know if she is right but I am having my remaining silver fillings replaced over the next month not for health reasons but because after years of neglect I have suddenly becom Miss Vanity 2013

That’s interesting to hear that another dentist takes the same thinking as the one that anon posted above. My dentist also doesn’t do silver fillings only white ones because they say that using silver is outdated and they don’t get a request for one- although I’m not sure if that’s the only reason - will ask again next month


Campion, you mentioned the Japanese and how they are affected by Mercury from fish but there is harldly any incidence of MS in Japan, less than 30 per 100,000.

My parent’s dentist’s wife has MS. I should ask him.

I had a raging grow with my dentist. They took £60 on account for a crown they were going to do. I didn’t go in for a year as I was ill for four months and had my teeth were not one of my highest priorities. I went in and said I wanted a filling rather than a crown, as I couldn’t afford a crown. They put an amalgm one in, which I wasn’t happy about and then tried to charge me another £48. They said that the £60 had been taken by the NHS! Yeh right. I was livid. I told them that I had MS and my dentist replied, “What, for the last year?!” I really couldn’t believe that. Obviously, I didn’t pay and they apologised but I was so angry.

I agree with Raymond, there must be many, many triggers for MS. For me I think vit B12 has played a massive part.