Catheter clamp I cant be the only one

My Heather has spent all afternoon trying to get a catheter clamp I am going for a scan and nneen a full bladder. Chemist No. Oh when phoned hospital to say I had a catheter she said clothes peg SILLY WOMAN. Tried all sorts paper clamps thingies paper clips even tried elastic bands and twisting a z in the catheter. I am bored now Heather is scouring pound shops for freezer bag clamps I am sitting at home

Don you say that, when I was nursing I had to try to find clamps to try to get bladder tone back for a patient and I searched everywhere with no success. I ended up using an elastic band around a kink in the tube. It’s not great but kept enough in the bladder for scans etc.

Hope you have better luck.

Cath xx

Have you got any freezer bags with those wire twist sealers??

Freezer bag clamps don the trick