Hi, I have a spc catheter fitted which I have a lot of problems with but still it’s made life easier. One of the annoying problems is the strap to secure it to my leg as the nerve pain in my legs is terrible I can’t stand anyone touching them so with the strap on my leg makes its worse. Today I got a free sample of a StatLock Foley Stabilisation Device which you clip the catheter into then stick either to your leg or stomach no need for straps then you change it every 5/7 days when you change your bag. I just wondered if anyone else has tried these and are they any good they are from Bard Medical. Thank you

Hi, there is quite a sizeable club here with members who have an spc. I`ll be joining them in a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to it with great gusto, as I am sick of urgency, accidents and near falls when transferring to the loo. Plus night time needs are doing me in!

A few years ago, i had a urethral catheter, which was not a good experience for me. So I am hoping and praying an spc will be tons better.

I will be having it on free drain, as when using a valve, the bladder spasms will cause me problems and you still have to think about when you want to go.

Anyroad, the new device you mention sounds good, but I know nowt about them.

Hopefully someone else will tell us the answer! I know Campion tucks her bag into the top of her jeans and manages very well.

luv Pollx

Can I ask what problems you have with the spc, apart from the leg strap?

Hi, poll Thanks for your reply my main 2 problems are the change as for me it’s very painful and my bladder goes into spasm as soon as they start to take out the catheter so now they change it every 12 weeks under sedation which I have done on day unit normally I’m only there for about an hour, then I have a few blockages, which causes discomfort so use bladder washout but there has been times when this hasn’t worked so had to go to a/e on one occasion there wasn’t anyone who could deal with a spc but there was one doctor who was wonderful saying he couldnt leave me like I was and he didn’t want to put a ureathal catheter in so he got a syringe and connected it to catheter and managed to clear it, so now when it’s blocked I do the same plus bladder washout. But please don’t let me put you off as it’s still the best thing I have done the spc is a lot better than the ureathal if I had my life again I would still have it done. Luv Yvonne

Hi Yvonne, I had my spc fitted six weeks ago. They told me at the hospital the district nurse would change it after 12 weeks but the district nurse said that was far too long to leave a spc and that she would change it after six weeks. I had been freaking out about this after reading people’s experiences on here and was absolutely dreading it. I had made an appointment to go and see my doctor today to ask her to book me into the hospital to have my first change done there. On Monday I had a phone call from a district nurse to say she was coming round that afternoon to change my catheter. I explained to her how worried I was and told her of others experiences on here but she promised me it would be OK and it wouldn’t hurt. When I said I was still worried she said she would come round immediately to do it to stop me worrying. I don’t know what I was worried about. It took her about five minutes and I honestly didn’t feel a thing. Maybe I was just lucky. I completely agree with you that it is the best thing I have done and much better than the urethral catheter. Anne x.

Hi,I have had my SPC for a number of years now,I too had the same problems leg bag

I have a flip flow valve now I have a abdominal strap that holds the catheter and the valve

In place,it means you are in control of your bladder but you have to remember to empty,I empty 4-5 times

during the the day and I have a 2 litre bag overnight. When I first had thE SPC it was 12 weeks to change it is now

every 6 weeks by the district nurse


Hi, I’ve had my spc 10 months now, the changes at 12 weeks have been horrid. The first at 8 weeks was a piece of cake. Moral of my story is get it changed sooner! I had Botox too so I’m a flip/flow stand up to wee girl now :smiley: I go back a bit here, before my spec I spent 15 months with a urethral catheter had hated every moment as I needed leg bags due to bypass. I managed to pass a fully inflated catheter due to the leg bag pulling! It made my eyes water to say the least! However I found a solution :slight_smile: They are called belly bags. They are a bag that is worn around the waist, stays on free flow and empties via a valve at the bottom. They hold up to 2 litres if my memory serves me right, so no getting up in the night It’s worn for a month and then discarded, I guess more frequently if the catheter is changed. Your regular pharmacy won’t have them or know about them even, I got mine from my catheter provider Script Easy, your GP can prescribe them. They made a missive difference to my life at the time! Sara x